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Q: Are right whales harmful to humans?
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How are beluga whales helpful to humans?

Beluga whales can not be harmful to humans. They are playful and very intellegent.

How are blue whales harmful?

Blue whales are not at all harmful.

Are whales harmful or useful?

Both. Whale blubber and oil can make useful objects. Whales are also vicious creatures. 40% of humans are killed by whales a year.

Are dolphins and whales humans?

No, dolphins and whales are dolphins and whales, members of the Order Cetacea. Only people are humans. Humans, like dolphins and whales, are mammals. But humans are members of the Primate Order.

Are aphids harmful to humans?

No they are not harmful to humans, only plants.

Are mayflies harmful?

They are not harmful to humans

Are all snakes harmful to humans?

NO. not all snakes are harmful to humans.

Are lichens harmful to humans?

yes the lichens are harmful but to some humans

Do whales kill human?

Whales do not kill humans

What eat whales?

different whales , sharks , humans

Are opossums harmful to humans?

Generally, you can walk right up to them and they will just look at you, but they can be harmful. They can bite and scratch when frightened, and they can be carriers of rabies.

How are lions helpful to humans?

how are lions helpful / harmful to humans? how are lions helpful / harmful to humans?

Are humpback whales helpful or harmful?


Is phone radiation harmful to humans?

Phone radiation can be harmful to humans. It is harmful when the person is on the phone a lot.

Are right whales ballean whales?

No. Baleen whales and Right whales are both different types.

Are earthworms harmful to humans?

earthworms are not harmful to humans theyare just pink and slimmyNo. Worms that are harmful to humans are roundworms, flatworms and hookworms.

Are beluga whales harmful?

To Humans - NO. Belugas are very social animals. They can be playful when around humans they are familiar with. They may spit at humans or other whales. It is not unusual for an aquarium handler to be drenched by one of his charges. Some researchers believe that spitting originated with blowing sand away from crustaceans at the sea bottom.

Are harp seals harmful to humans?

No they are not. In fact, humans are more harmful to them then they are to us.

Is americium harmful to humans?

Americium is harmful to humans because is very radioactive.

How harmful is americium to humans?

really harmful

Are gecko's harmful to humans?

No, geckos are not harmful to humans. If anything, they are beneficial to humans because they eat insects

Did humans evolve from whales?


How do whales communicate with humans?


What is the temperature in the oceans that right whales live in?

There are no right whales. Or left whales. All whales are equal.

Is a ladybug harmful to humans?

no lady bug are not harmful to human actrally it is helpful to humans. no lady bug are not harmful to human actrally it is helpful to humans.