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Who won at Royal Rumble 2004?

Chris Benoit Answer where have you been for the last 3 years!? Chris Benoit won the royal rumble from being the entry #1. This has only happened for the second time. The first time was Shawn Michaels in 1995

Who will win the royal rumble?

Jericho's gonna win the Rumble and Edge is going to win the SmackDown Elimination Chamber. Both will face World Champion Batista at WM 26. Y2J wins rumble Cena beats Sheamus (New WWE Champ) Batista beats Undertaker & Rey Mysterio (New WH Champ) Sheamus beats Christian (Unifies WWE & ECW Titles ( Full Answer )

WHo won the royal rumble 2006?

Rey Mysterio won ther 2006 Royal Rumble match. He was position #2 and lasted 62 minutes and 12 seconds. He went on to win the World Title at Wrestlemania XXII.

Who is number 1 in the royal rumble?

It's easy, the Undertaker will take out 15 people and knock Triple H out of the ring to win the match It's only easy if you are 6 years old. This is the royal rumble not wrestlemania. Taker has only won 1 rumble how many has Steve Austin won? Hogan? My #1 is HBK

In the WWE is the Royal Rumble planned?

the order of entry and the final four in the ring and ofcourse the winner is all planned, other than that its a free for all

Who will win the WWE Royal Rumble?

2009 - Randy Orton 2010 -Chris Jericho Working in cohesion with Cody Rhodes & Ted DiBiase, the Legend Killer Randy Orton refined his "Legacy" and cemented himself in the history books as the winner of the 2009 Royal Rumble. See more of 2009 Royal Rumble 2008 - John Cena Making an astoun ( Full Answer )

Who won the royal rumble in 1994?

Breat the hit man heart and Lex Luger they both got eliminated ant the same time and feet hit the ground at the same time

Did the undertaker win a royal rumble?

Yes he did in 2007 when he through everyone out of the ring and was the last man standing.You can see the match on youtube just tipe in royal rumble 2007 and if you dont believe me tipe royal rumble winner of 2007 ok.

Is hornswoggle playable in the royal rumble?

he was on a mini royal rumble on raw The answers above is right, but i wanna be more specific.Horny was on a mini royal rumble alright!All of 'em where mini, as in midgets.BUT Khali was the only normal wretsler there!(Horny was up 2 his KNEE lol)

What wrestlers are in the WWE royal rumble?

So Far WWE has announced the following will be in the royal rumble: -Triple H -Vladmir Kozlov -Big Show -Shelton Benjamin -Undertaker -Randy Orton -Kofi Kingston -Rey Mysterio -The Miz -John Morrison -Cody Rhodes -Ted Dibease Jr -Santino Marella -Owen Wain -Awesome kong -Sh ( Full Answer )

What were the matches at royal rumble 2008?

The matches at The Royal Rumble 2008 were as follows: Dark Shannon Moore and Jimmy Wang Yang defeated Deuce 'n Domino [35] Tag team match 06:10 1 Ric Flair defeated Montel Vontavious Porter [42] [43] Career Threatening match 07:50 2 John "Bradshaw" Layfield defeated Chri ( Full Answer )

Who is going to be in royal rumble 2010?

I know John Cena, Undertaker, Shawn Micheals, Batista, CM Punk, MVP, Ted DiBiase, Triple H, Randy Orton, Chris Jericho, Rey Mysterio, Mark Henry, and Cody Rhodes. That is who I know who is going to be in Royal Rumble 2010 (so far)!!!!!!

Who will win 2011 royal rumble?

luke race will win the Royal Rumble and david gustard will win the Raw elimination chamber match,both will face off at Wrestlemania.

Has rikshi won a royal rumble?

No. Rikishi has never won a Royal Rumble. Here's the list of Royal Rumble winners: 1988 - Jim Duggan 1989 - Big John Studd 1990 - Hulk Hogan 1991 - Hulk Hogan 1992 - Ric Flair 1993 - Yokozuna 1994 - Bret Hart and Lex Luger (Co-winners) 1995 - Shawn Michaels 1996 - Shawn Michaels 1997 - Stone Cold 1 ( Full Answer )

Royal rumble 2010 matches?

Sheamus Vs John Cena For WWE Championship Drew McIntyre Vs John Morrison For Intercontinental Championship Royal Rumble Match Triple Threat Match The Undertaker Vs Rey Mysterio Vs Batista For World Heavyweight Championship

Who is the royal rumble 2010 winner?

Many rumours state that Shawn Michaels will win and challenge the undertaker at wrestlemania 26 for the WHC. Also Randy wins the wwe championship and faces john cena and triiple h (yawn)

Where is the Royal Rumble in Huntsville?

The Royal Rumble Dance in Huntsville is simply listed as takingplace "Downtown." Check your local newspaper to get a more exactlocation. When the time is right of course -- it seems the eventtakes place in May. ---------Raw

Who is in the WWE 2010 royal rumble?

ORDER OF ENTRY 1: Dolph Ziggler 2: Evan Bourne 3: C.M. Punk 4: JTG 5: Great Khali 6: Beth Phoenix 7: Zack Ryder 8: Triple H 9: Drew McIntyre 10: Ted DiBiase 11: John Morrison 12: Kane 13: Cody Rhodes 14: MVP 15: Carlito 16: The Miz 17: Matt Hardy 18: Shawn Michael ( Full Answer )

Who will win WWE royal rumble?

well its over the royal rumble and edge has one wow i dont like edge he will go back to vickie just you wacth(lol he wont there over but they will fight)

What will happen at Royal Rumble 2011?

i think that the undertaker will win the royal rumble damn! Well no one knows what will happen probely HBK will come in a shock at royal rumble

Where is Royal Rumble 2011 going to be at?

World Wrestling Entertainment conducts Royal Rumble 2011 wrestling pay per view at TD Garden in Boston, Massachusetts on January 30, 2011.

Who is in the Royal Rumble 2011?

There hasn't been any information regarding the 2011 Royal Rumble. There will more than likely be Qualifying Matchers nearer the time.

Did the rock win a royal rumble?

Yes he won the 2000 Royal Rumble last eliminating the big show. But the main event at wrestlmania ended up being triple h vs. mick foley vs. big show vs. the rock

Who won the 2011 Royal Rumble?

Edge defeated Dolph Ziggler. . The Miz defeated Randy Orton (The Miz had help from CM Punk, but the ref did not see.) . Eve defeated Natalya, Michelle McCool, and Layla in a Fatal 4 Way match for the WWE Divas Championship. (It was a double pin-fall, the ref only saw the one pin-fall.) . Alberto ( Full Answer )

Who will return royal rumble 2011?

Maybe Triple H or undertaker. 70% triple h,30% undertaker. but surely somebody will return. oops!undertaker not!triple h not! Booker tand kevinash is returning to the royal rumble 2011

Who will be in the royal rumble 2011?

As per World Wrestling Entertainment's official Video Promo. These are the list of 30 Superstars are going to participate in Royal Rumble 2011 to achieve their life time dream. . John Morrison . Alberto Del Rio . Cody Rhodes . Ted DiBiase . John Cena . Michael McGilliCutty . R Truth . Davi ( Full Answer )

Who will win 2020 Royal Rumble?

The 2020 Royal Rumble has not happened yet. It will not be known who the winner is until the pay-per-view actually happens.

Will undertaker return to royal rumble?

It is unknown....though it'd be a shocker like cena's return in it'd be kinda expected if he's #30 Maybe Elimination chamber with Kane...oh hell yes but...hopefully WWE will surprise us and excite us...FINALLY He has to have an opponent for Mania 27 Though best he does with HHH 2 comebacks ( Full Answer )

Who is the2011 royal rumble winner?

The 2011 royal rumble is scheduled to happen next weekend with 40 WWE superstars competing in it. The event is yet to happen so we cannot know who won the match yet. The Undertaker, Big show and John Cena are favorites for the event.

How will win WWE royal rumble?

To win a WWE Royal Rumble match, you must be the last man standing. To eliminate opponents, you have to get them out of the ring. There are usually 30 wrestlers.

Who is winner of 2011 royal rumble?

The 2011 royal rumble is scheduled to happen next weekend with 40 WWE superstars competing in it. The event is yet to happen so we cannot know who won the match yet. The Undertaker, Big show and John Cena are favorites for the event.

Who do you think will win this royal rumble?

out of these cena orton edge taker kane kofi ziggler miz hhh khali rey drew mcyintyre punk sheamus truth zeke gabrial slater wade del rio big show reks christian chavo masters swagger otunga mguiligutty husky mason ryan jimmy uso jey uso darren young dh smith kidd morrison henry trent ryder tatsu s ( Full Answer )

What channel is WWE Royal Rumble on?

WWE Royal Rumble is a PPV (pay-per view), so you have to purchase it before you can watch it. You can find info about buying upcoming PPVs on

How do you watch the Royal Rumble free?

Go online to the related link. It will take you to the second link. Then type in Royal Rumble and the year you would like to watch.

Where will the 2013 WWE royal rumble be?

WWE Royal Rumble is a yearly pay per view event organized by the WWE around the month of January every year. In 2012, it happened on January 29 th . The date or the venue of the 2013 event has not yet been released by the WWE. It will be known only during the later part of the year. Around 3-6 month ( Full Answer )

How does WWE royal rumble work?

People come into the ring one at a time and have to be thrown over the top rope and if both their feet touch the ground, there out. The last person in the ring is the winner (this years 2012 winner is Sheamus