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Humans are animals. Yes, they are dangerous. This is a toxic plant.

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Sago palm seeds are dangerous to dogs. I will say I have raised several dogs over the years and have had no problems.

A Sago Palm is salt tolerant. Some other salt tolerant palms include cabbage palm, Canary Island palm, and the Chinese fan palm.

Trim the Sago palm by cutting back brown or yellow palm fronds close to the truck. This should be done annually in the fall.

A sago palm tree is a variety of tropical palm tree. Their scientific name is cycas revoluta. They are found in many places of the world where tropical plants grow.

epsom salt has magnesium sulfate...sago palm needs manganese sulfate...they are two different thing.

Tapioca or sago. Tapioca comes from cassava (manioc) root and sago comes from the pith of the sago palm.

No they are not. There are palms that will kill ur per if digested. Like the sago palm

A cycad is a plant of the division Cycadophyta, such as the sago palm.

M. Flach has written: 'The sago palm' -- subject(s): Congresses, Sago palms

If you have a "Sago Palm" then YES but NO if it is just any regular palm tree!-Syd

Yes, Epsom salts can make a good fertilizer for sago palm trees (Cycas revoluta).Specifically, Epsom salts contain magnesium sulfate. Sago palms may suffer from magnesium deficiency. Judiciously applied Epsom salts work to correct the deficiency with the injection of magnesium in a form that can be taken in by sago palm tree roots.

There are some palm trees which are toxic to burn. One of types of palm tree considered to be toxic is the sago palm tree.

sunflower, strawberry, salvia, sage, sago palm, sedum,

Palm sugar is made from the sap of the palm tree, sago palms or other plams. It is mainly used in Thai cooking and can be found in Asian markets.

No. Sago is derived from the spongy centre of certain palm trees. It is high in carbohydrate, low in protein, low in vitamins and minerals, and can be used as a thickening agent.

Sago palms do well when potted, as long as they are kept in their preferred conditions. They do not get very large, but their container still needs to be roomy enough.

Depends on which type of palm you're talking about. The typical palm tree is a tree, for example, but the sago palm never grows taller than bush-size.

Poisonous ones, such as Castor been seeds and sago palm nuts.

Yes, the bloom is highly toxic and will kill a dog if ingested.

Antibiotics. I got a small prick from my palm on my thumb 48 hrs ago and it is just now swelling and sore. Went to the doc and he prescribed Rifampin and Sulfamethoxazole, both in the capsule. He said that infections are common with sago palm injuries.

An older sago palm can be transplanted during late winter or early spring during its dormant season. Water the palm 24-hours before digging to hydrate the tree and soften the ground. Dig 6 to 12-inches away from the trunk and to a depth of 12-inches. Transplant immediately to a prepared hole.

Yes, however it has low nutritional value. It is of value purely for its carbohydrate values as it is essentially palm starch.

Before rice as staple food, it was Sago (an edible starch from palm)

An areng is a variety of palm tree, Latin name Arena pinnata, which yields sago, wine, and fibre for ropes.