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Q: Are seals mammal's?
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Are Arctic seals mammals?

Yes, Arctic seals are mammals. All seals are mammals.

Are seals insects or mammals?

Seals are mammals

Are monk seals mammals?

Yes, all seals are mammals.

Are fur seals mammals or fish?

Fur seals are mammals

Are Ribbon Seals mammals or fish?

All seals are mammals

Are Baby Harp Seals Mammals?

All seals, including baby harp seals, are mammals.

Are seals coldblooded?

NO seals are MAMMALS and all mammals are warm blooded

Do orcas eat mammals?

Orcas will eat seals, and seals are mammals.

Are seals fish or mammals?

Seals are semi-aquatic marine mammals.Seals are mammals - breathe air, have hair, give live birth.

Do seals have gills?

Seals are mammals, mammals have lungs - not gills. Seals breathe pretty much like you and I.

Do seals give live birth?

Yes. Seals are mammals, and all mammals give live birth. Bonye Seals are mammals, however, not all mammals give live birth. There are five mammals that lay eggs.

How do harp seals reproduce sexually or asexually?

Harp seals are mammals. All mammals reproduce sexually.

Do mammals eat carnivores?

Sure. Orcas are mammals, and the don't mind dining on seals. Seals are carnivores. So mammals eat carnivores.

How are spiny anteaters related to seals?

Very, very tenuously. Seals and spiny anteaters (echidnas) are both mammals. They are not, however, even the same type of mammals. Seals are placental mammals and echidnas are monotremes (egg-laying mammals).

Where do leopard seals live in Antarctica?

Leopard seals live in the Southern Ocean which surrounds the continent. Leopard seals are sea mammals not land mammals.

Are harbor seals mammals?

Yes, like all seals.

What other mammals are related to seals?

sea lions and harp seals are related to seals

Do seals have bones?

Yes, they are mammals and all mammals have bones.

Do monk seals lay eggs or have babies?

All seals are mammals, and mammals (apart from the monotremes) have 'babies', they do not lay eggs.

Why is seals are mammals?

Seals give birth to live young and suckle them.

Are seals walruses and manatees mammals?

Yes, they are all aquatic mammals.

Are harp seals mammals?


Are all seals mammals?


Are elephant seals mammals?


Are dolphins and seals mammals?