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Are seismic waves mechanical or electromagnetic waves?

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Seismic waves are mechanical waves.

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Is a seismic wave the same as a radio wave?

No. Seismic waves are mechanical. Radio waves are electromagnetic.

Are seismoc waves mechanical or electromagnetic waves?

Seismic waves are mechanical waves. Hint: They cause the Earth to quake and shake, which no light can ever do no matter how bright it is.

What are type of waves?

longitudinal transverse seismic shock sound water mechanical electromagnetic heat

Do waves displace matter?

Mechanical waves, like sound waves, seismic waves, and ocean waves, do. Electromagnetic waves, like radio, light, and X-rays, do not.

What describes a difference between electromagnetic and mechanical waves?

mechanical waves need a medium to travel through, electromagnetic waves do not. Electromagnetic waves can travel through space, mechanical waves can not.:PElectromagnetic waves do not require a medium, but mechanical waves do.

What type of waves are fastest?

Electromagnetic waves are the fastest waves. The fastest seismic waves (a type of mechanical wave that travels through the Earth) is the Primary or P-wave.

What type of wave can travel through a vacuum?

An electromagnetic wave can travel thorugh a vacuum. The electromagnetic wave can take the form of a radio wave, light, X-rays or gamma rays. This is a contrast to the mechanical waves we know, like waves on water, sound, and seismic waves, to name some.Mechanical waves.Electromagnetic waves.

Are the suns rays mechanical waves or electromagnetic waves?

Electromagnetic waves

How are mechanical and electromagnetic waves different?

mechanical waves need a medium to travel through and electromagnetic waves don't

Are the sun's rays mechanical waves or electromagnetic waves?

Electromagnetic waves, if it was mechanical, something would literally have to make them!

Are light waves electromagnetic or mechanical?

light waves are electromagnetic

Are electromagnetic waves medium waves?

No. Waves that require a medium to travel in are called mechanical waves. Electromagnetic waves are not mechanical waves and do not require a medium.

What is one major difference between electromagnetic waves and mechanical waves?

Mechanical waves require a medium to travel, where electromagnetic waves do not.

What kind of wave is a seismic wave?

A seismic wave is a mechanical wave. It is mechanical energy. Seismic waves occur in the crust of the earth during an earthquake. The basic seismic waves are S-waves, P-waves, and L-waves, and they are discussed in related questions.

What distinguishes electromagnetic waves from mechanical waves?

Mechanical waves require a medium for their propagation whereas electromagnetic waves require a medium for their propagation.

How are seismic waves and sound waves alike?

they're mechanical waves

What do seismic waves an sound waves have in common?

their mechanical waves i think

Are water waves electromagnetic waves?

No.They are mechanical waves.

Is an earthquake wave a mechanical wave?

Yes, earthquake or seismic waves are mechanical waves.

Are sound waves mechanical or electromagnetic waves?

Sound waves are mechanical vibrations that physically move the material through which they travel.Sound waves are not electromagnetic waves.

What kind of energy does waves carry?

mechanical waves carry mechanical energy and electromagnetic waves carry electromagnetic energy.

Are tsunami waves electromagnetic?

No, they are mechanical waves.

What is non mechanical wave?

Non mechanical waves are Eletro magnetic waves. We can devide 2 waves. 1 is mechanical waves & 2 is electromagnetic waves. For example Sound is a mechanical wave & Light is an electromagnetic wave.

Why are seismic waves mechanical?

A mechanical wave(such as sound) must pass through a medium while an electromagnetic wave does not need one(such as light). Because seismic waves need a medium, they are mechanical waves. That is also the reason we hear earthquakes. When the vibrations from the focus of the earthquake spread in all directions, the sound vibrates from the earth to the air and then to our eardrums.

What types of waves require a medium?

Mechanical waves.For example, sound waves, ocean waves, etc.Many waves need a medium to travel: sound waves, water waves, and seismic waves.Electromagnetic waves do not need a medium.