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Most sharks are indeed cold blooded in that their internal body temperature is only slightly above that of the waters in which they live (they are said to be ectothermic). However, certains shark species (eg the Great White Shark) can and do keep their body temperatures well above their environment (they are said to be endothermic) and as such can be said to be warm blooded. These sharks are more active and can hunt in colder waters.
Shark is a fish. It is cold blooded.
Shark is a fish. It is cold blooded.

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Q: Are sharks cold blooded
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Are whale sharks warm blooded or cold blooded?

Whale sharks are not whales thay are sharks and they are cold blooded.

Are blue sharks cold blooded or warm blooded?

All sharks are cold-blooded.

Are great white sharks warm blooded or cold blooded animals?

cold blooded of course ! all sharks are

Are snakes and sharks cold blooded animals?

Snakes are cold-blooded. Most sharks are cold-blooded, though some are partially warm-blooded as endotherms.

Are all sharks cold or warmblooded?

Sharks are cold blooded.

Are most sharks warm blooded or are the cold blooded?

Most sharks are cold blooded because they don't adapt to their surrondings easily

Are sharks could blooded or worm blooded?

cold blooded

Are sharks cold or warm blooded?

it is cooled blooded

Are hammerhead sharks warm blooded?

no they are not. they are cold blooded.

Are zebra sharks warm blooded?

Zebra sharks are sharks. Therefore they are fish. Therefore they are cold blooded.

Are tiger sharks warm blooded or cold blooded?

Tiger Sharks are Cold Blooded because they have to live in Cold Water all the time. Their Blood is thin so they're always cold. That's how they're Cold Blooded.

How do you know if your cold blooded?

Mammals are usually warm blooded. Sharks and reptiles are usually cold blooded.

Is shark a warm blooded?

In most species they are cold blooded. Sharks that are warm blooded mostly stay in cooler waters. Sharks that are cold blooded stay in warm waters by the shore.

Are sharks cold blooded animals?

Yes. All fish are cold blooded animals.

Are fish warm or cold blooded?

Most fish are cold blooded, though there is evidence that some sharks may be warm blooded.cold blooded

Why are sharks cold blooded?

because they live in cold water

Is sharks cold blooded animals?


What is the difference between Sharks and Dolphins?

Sharks are cold-blooded, and are a species of fish; Dolphins are warm-blooded, and are mammals.

Are sharks and whales both warm blooded or cold blooded?

Whales are all warm blooded while sharks are generally cold blooded.Seems like the Great white have some ability to maintain body temperature.

Are whale sharks warm or coldblooded?

Whale sharks - like the majority of sharks - are cold blooded.

Are hammerhead sharks warm-blooded?

Nope - they're cold-blooded, like all fish.

Which cold blooded animal does not lay eggs?

Sharks are cold blooded (exothermic) and give birth to live young.

What are Examples of cold blooded animals?

snakes and sharks

Are great white sharks warm blooded?

Most sharks are "cold-blooded". Great White sharks are not "warm-blooded" as mammals are but are homeothermic in that they maintain a higher body temperature than the surrounding water.

Are great white sharks warm bloode or cold blooded?

warm blooded it said on the discovery