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That depends on the snail

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Name three herbivors that are not mammals?

Three herbivors that are not mammals are snails, aphids, and moths.

Are caribou herbivors?


Are deer herbivors?

Yes, they are.

Is a horse a vegatarian?

No, they are herbivors.

Is a warthog a prey?

Yes. Warthogs are a prey animal. Generally carnivors are the preditors and herbivors are the prey. Warthogs are herbivors.

What food chain or food web are in the amazon rain forest?

the plants are eaten by herbivors and herbivors are eaten by carnivors

Is zebra ominivorous or carnivorous?

no herbivors

Are cod fish herbivors?

No they're not.

Are crows herbivors?

Crows are omnivores.

Do giraffes eat snakes?

no they are herbivors.

Did mammoths eat tigers?

No they were Herbivors

Are birds herbivores or omnivores?

Their are herbivors.

Are chickens herbivors?

only on wednesday

Are cows herbivors?

Cows are herbivors, they only eat vegetation. thats what i need thank u who ever put this this is correct i agree with it xxx

What consumer eat herbivors?

Carnivores and omnivores

Are zebras herbivors?

yes they are by: E kooner

What is seaweed eaten by?

it is eaten by marine herbivors

Which animals are herbivors?

first order consumers

Are zebras omnivores herbivores or carnivores?


Which animal eats vegetables?

herbivors and vegetarians

Are burrowing owls carnivores or herbivors.?


Are plants herbivors?

no plants arent they are producers which means they provide their own food from the sun and herbivors are consumers which means the cant produce their own food

Are ungulates herbivors?

Most ungulates, or hooved animals, are herbivors, such as horses, all ruminants like cows, and elephants. However, pigs are also ungulates, and they are omnivores.

What are herbivors?

Herivors are anials that only eat plants

What is the diet of the black rhinoceros?

All Rhinos are Herbivors.

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