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Are some people more prone to STDs than others or does everyone have the same risk?

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Yes, some people are more prone than others to be infected from STD.

  • Deficiency of the immune system is one of the reason for increased risk.
  • People with other STDs are also more prone to be infected with more HIV as much more of the white blood cells will remain around the genital area.
  • People with skin disorders are more prone to skin breaks that can create points of entry for STDs.
  • A young or pregnant female will have changes in her cervix that increases the risk of infection with STDs.

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This is because people who are infected do not get treated due to the way others would think of them. But they still have sex and spread around their untreated condition to others.

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People in Scotland can get STDs. STDs can affect any person who has sex with someone who has one.

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No. In fact, the overwhelming majority of new cases of STDs involve straight people.

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White people are responsible for the biggest ratio of STDs in the US.

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