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Yes, some people are more prone than others to be infected from STD.

  • Deficiency of the immune system is one of the reason for increased risk.
  • People with other STDs are also more prone to be infected with more HIV as much more of the white blood cells will remain around the genital area.
  • People with skin disorders are more prone to skin breaks that can create points of entry for STDs.
  • A young or pregnant female will have changes in her cervix that increases the risk of infection with STDs.
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How can embarrassment about STDs actually encourage the spread of STDs?

This is because people who are infected do not get treated due to the way others would think of them. But they still have sex and spread around their untreated condition to others.

Do people in Scotland get STDs?

People in Scotland can get STDs. STDs can affect any person who has sex with someone who has one.

Do STDs cause Discharge from the urethra?

Discharge can be caused by numerous STDs such as gonorrhea, chlamydia, Trick, and others.

Are gay people at higher risk of STDs?

No. In fact, the overwhelming majority of new cases of STDs involve straight people.

What race in the US has the most STDs?

White people are responsible for the biggest ratio of STDs in the US.

Can clean people get STDs?


What is the link between STDs and HIV?

There is a very strong link between STDs and HIV.The first link, of course, is the way both are acquired. Both STDS and HIV are acquired through sexual contact (heterosexual, homosexual sex).The same behaviors that put one at risk for stds put people at risk for HIV.Studies have shown that an individual who has an std is more susceptible to infection with HIV because some stds cause ulcers or break in the skin, which make it a port of entry for the HIV virus.Studies have also shown that people with stds and HIV can more easily transmit HIV to others because HIV is found in higher concentrations in those with stds.

Can urinalysis detect STDs?

Some may be tested via specific urine testing, but a standard urinalysis does not diagnose STDs.Yes some STDs are detected via urinalysis; others cultures or blood tests.

Can a gynecologist test for STDs?

Yes, gynecologists are just one type of health professional that routinely tests for STDs. Primary care providers, urologist, urgent care practitioners, and many others test for STDs.

Do STDs always affect future fertility?

Some STDs affect future fertility, and others do not. Chlamydia and gonorrhea can cause scarring the affect future fertility.

Why is the number people infected with STDs higher than the officially reported numbers?

Because some people are asymptomatic and don't know they have the STI; others just don't go to the doctor.

Are STDs bacterial or viral?

STDs may be viral or bacterial. Some others are caused by protozoa or insects.STDs can be viral, bacterial, and fungal. If you think you have symptoms of STD your health care professional can determine which it is and prescribe the appropriate treatment.

Are STDs common in teens?

STDs are very common for late teenagers up to people in there late 20s because these are the most sexually active groups of people. Those in there early teens do not have as high of a percantage of STDS because this age of people are not as sexually active.

Can STDs destroy female reproductive organs?

If left untreated, some STDs can "ruin" your reproductive organs. Some diseases can hidner your ability to get pregnant, and others can develop into cancers.

Are STDs caused by viruses?

Some STDs are caused by Viruses (HIV/Aids, Genital Warts, Herpes etc) but other STDs are caused by bacteria (Gonorrhea, Syphilis etc).It depends upon the STD. Herpes and AIDS are viruses, syphillus and others are bacterial.

Do people with HIV and other STDs still need to prevent reexposure to HIV and other STDs?

Yes; persons infected with HIV and other STDs still absolutely do need to protect themselves from being re-exposed to HIV and other STDs. Once the bacterial STDs are eliminated from the antibiotics, you can catch them all again.

What STDs can affect a young person?

All STDs can affect young people. Young people are more likely to get chlamydia just because it is so common among youth.

How many people die each year from an STD?

7 millionestimated 7 million people die by stds a yearan estimated 7 million people die each year from stds

Why do most shemales do it with condoms?

They are called trans ladies. And condoms should be worn by everyone. They prevent STIs and STDs.

Should spreading STDs to others without informing them about the danger be a crime?

Yes it is, you can be in jail up to life,

Why is it important to know how to prevent sexually transmitted diseases (STDs)?

some stds may cause cancer stds areexpensive to manage some stds can cause death

What STDs can you get from AIDS?

AIDS is an immune system disease caused by HIV, which is spread by sex, among other ways. AIDS does not cause other STDs, although people with AIDS are more likely to have complications if they contract STDs.

Do people with an auto immune defiency disorder have to inform you?

No person is under a blanket requirement to inform everyone of a disease. There are limited circumstances where a party has a limited duty to inform, such as the case of sexual partners and STDs.

Are nonviral STDs curable?

Nonviral STDs are curable. These include bacterial and parasitic STDs.

Does the IUD prevent STDs?

The IUD does not prevent STDs. Condoms reduce the risk of STDs.