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Scalene triangles those triangles in which all the sides are of different lengths, but in isosceles triangles two sides of the triangle are equal in length. Therefore, no scalene triangle can ever be isosceles.

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Some obtuse triangles are scalene?

Obtuse triangles can also be scalene if none of the sides are of equal length. Otherwise, it is an isosceles triangle.

Is a scalene triangle an equilateral triangle?

technically, triangle classes have a bulls-eye type name graph, with equilateral triangles in the middle, then isosceles, then scalene, so technically, some scalene triangles are isosceles and some are equilateral, but not all are.

Are some scalene triangles isosceles?

never scalene-0 sides congruent isoceles-2 sides congruent

Are some scalene triangles also right triangles?


Are some isosceles triangles equilateral triangles?

Yep. All equilateral triangles are isosceles triangles.

What are some different triangles?

You have acute, right, and obtuse triangles when referring to the measure of the largest angle, and you have equilateral, isosceles, and scalene triangles when referring to the congruency of the triangle's sides.

Triangle with all acute angles called?

equilateral triangle, acute triangle, some isosceles and scalene triangles

How do you spell the kinds of triangles?

Some types of triangles are: scalene triangle equilateral triangle isosceles triangle acute triangle right triangle obtuse triangle

Some isosceles triangles are not equilateral?

All isosceles triangles are not equilateral triangles

Are some equilateral triangles scalene?

No, a scalene is a scalene and an equilateral is an equilateral. They are NOT the same.

What is a triangle with unequal sides?

If no two sides of a triangle have the same length, then the figure is called a "scalene" triangle. Some (but not all) scalene triangles are also right triangles.

Are triangles equilateral?

Some triangles are equilateral, but not all of them. There are three types of triangles. Triangles which have three equal sides and three equal angles are called equilateral triangles. Isosceles triangles have two equal sides and two equal angles. Scalene triangles have no equal sides and no equal angles.

Are some right triangles are isosceles triangles?


Are some scalene triangles acute?


Some equilateral triangles are not isosceles?


Can some isosceles triangles also be obtuse?

The third angle can be obtuse, eg 40, 40 and 100

Can some scalene triangle are isosceles triangle?

No, because a scalene triangle is a triangle with no sides the same length. An isosceles triangle is a triangle with two sides the same length and one side different

What are some triangles?

isocles, equilateral, obtuse, acute, scalene, right

Does a musical triangle have to be equilateral?

No, some early musical triangles were isosceles triangles, most modern musical triangles are equilateral.

Do isosceles triangles have all equal sides?

Some people classify isosceles triangles as having at least two equal sides, while other say that they must have exactly two equal sides. So, depending on your definition, some isosceles triangles may have all equal sides, but equilateral triangles always have three equal sides.

What are some examples of triangle?

Triangles have 3 sides and 3 inside angles that add up to 180 degrees.Scalene triangleObtuse triangleRight angle triangleIsosceles triangleEquilateral triangle

What shapes do not tessellate?

Shapes such as circles, regular pentagons, and heptagons.Most regular polygons will not tessellate on their own. Only triangles, squares and hexagons will.With irregular polygons there is more of a choice. All isosceles or scalene triangles, parallelograms, trapeziums and kites will tessellate as will some higher order polygons.

How are equilateral isosceles and scalene different?

And Equilateral Triangle has three EQUAL sides. Basically just your ordinary triangle. The Isosceles triangle usually has TWO equal sides, and one odd side,( not the same size in degrees.) A scalene Triangle also has TWO of the same sides, BUT- Its degrees are usually always different. I'll show you some examples. The first example below is an isosceles Triangle. The 2nd is the Scalene Triangle... Hope I helped...

Is a triangle a symmetric shape yes or no?

Some triangles are symmetric, while others are not. All equilateral and isosceles triangles are symmetric.all triangles are symmetric.

Shape with no symmetry?

Some shapes that fit that condition are parallelograms, scalene triangles, and trapezoids.