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While some have developed from old concepts that were in turn based on real truths about that group, many of these are overexaggerated, and most stereotypes are based on xenophobia, ignorance or jealousy rather than any fact.

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Are you racist if you don't like mixed people?

Yes. Typically, if you hate mixed-race people, you generally only dislike one of their races. However, it is also possible to hate someone just for being mixed and based on stereotypes about them or expectations that you don't think they are meeting. If you see them as part of your race and you don't think they are acting appropriately for people of your own race, then even if you are not actually being racist, you are engaging in stereotypes or believe that people of certain races have to act a certain way. So that would be discriminatory, even if it might not be racism in the classical sense.

How can you avoid seeing people as stereotypes?

You can avoid seeing people as stereotypes by not listening to what the media, friends, or any one else says about other races or people; instead, develop your your own accurate analysis about others.

How do you tell if someone is racist?

You can tell someone is racist by things they say and actions they make. This can be from racial slurs they use or stereotypes of races they agree with to avoiding people of other races and trying or actually succeeding in causing physical harm to someone because of their race.

Why cant people act their own race?

Because the races are becoming blended and the days for stereotypes and racism are over.

Is Angelman Syndrome more common in certain races?

No, it does not target or accumulate, if u will, in a certain race of people. All races are open to the syndrome.

Do people actually do the Hannah Montana dance?

yes, after horse races!

What can you do to eliminate prejudices and stereotypes?

As prejudices may have to do with feelings of insecurity, people from different races should be encouraged to get along with one another and get to know each side better.

Should you allow certain races into the UK?


What are the two major myths of race?

Certain races are superior to others and pure races exist.

How do stereotypes cause prejudice?

Stereotypes cause prejudice because it is a false misconception about a race, which ruins their reputation. For example, it is a common stereotype that african-americans cause a lot of crimes. This is a very untrue statement, but a lot of people believe it, and so therefore that can lead people to become racist against blacks, when in reality the stereotype isn't even true. This doesn't just apply to african-americans though -- all races have stereotypes that cause misconceptions in their race, and therefore lead to racism.

Do people love fried chicken?

Yes! As much as there are stereotypes that claim certain races like fried chicken, the fact remains that many cultures world wide love fried chicken! In all reality chicken is probably the most consumed and most universally and widely excepted meat source in the world and it tastes great when fried!

Why Do dominicans love white woman?

Because there is little difference between people of different races people from all races love people from all races.

What is the reasons of aryans supremacy?

Originally the term Aryan referred to the language spoken by certain groups of people. It was then believed that people with these language skills and a certain physical appearance were stronger and more racially pure than other races.

What races of people can be intellectually delayed?

People of all races can develop or be born with intellectual disabilities.

Can you use black people as slaves again?

actually, slave trading is still an issue today. And not just with blacks, but of all races.

WHY mixture of races HAPPEN?

People of different races make babies together and that baby will have mixed races.

In the Lord of the Rings books do you see stereotypes between races?

i have to do Sterotypes on Lord of the Rings for my homework and all i can think of is that hobbits are know to love eating and drinking

What are some Mulatto customs?

People of mixed white and black ancestry are not a distinct culture. The notion that certain races of people all have the same customs is incorrect and shockingly ignorant.

What races follow islam?

Islam is followed by people from all races.

What is a person called if they are three races?

Well I would assume that since people of two races are called BIracial, then people of three races are called TRIracial.

Is down syndrome more common in certain races or genders?


Does Ebola attack certain races?

not exactly, but the reason why it doesnt spread fast is because the people who get infected will be death in a verr\y short time

What does Mike Teutul do at OCC?

he races...actually he is pretty popular!

Can multiculturalism cause racism?

Yes it can, to a certain extent. If people don't mix and stay within their own groups, this can cause some people to have the wrong attitude towards other races. In truth, racism is already there, but it can be brought to the fore in certain situations.

How did people learn how to use horses for races?

People started races each other just to see who was faster and then some people thought it was fun and then they were looking for ways to improve races by trying to race animals