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Are sore nipples a sign of pregnancy two weeks before your period is due?

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That is a possibility, in addition, it could be a indication that your period is on its way. Nonetheless, don't ignore the signs, if you are unfamiliar with this particular sympton then you should consult your gyno. You can also log onto the site for medical insight. I hope this info. steers you in the right direction.

2006-08-22 19:17:38
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Are sore nipples a sign of pregnancy three weeks before your period is due?

Yes, Sor nipples are a sign of pregnancy also if you have missed you period

Could cramping 4 weeks before period sore nipples and frequent urination mean pregnancy?

Those are all possible signs of pregnancy.

Is it normal for the nipples to be sore at 6 weeks of pregnancy?

The entire breast, including the nipples, can be sore at 6 weeks of pregnancy.

Nipples are sore 2 weeks before period is due Pregnant?

no dude, you are ovulating

Are hard nipples a symptom of pregnancy?

Breast tenderness is as a sign of pregnancy.From a mild tingling in the breasts, a gentle swelling, or an aching soreness, the breasts go through changes in response to the shifting hormones in your body that are an early sign of pregnancy.Small "bumps" on your nipples as a sign of pregnancy.You may never have noticed before, but there are small bumps on your nipples, called "Mongomery's tubercles." These become much more pronounced during pregnancy and secrete an oily fluid in preparation for breastfeeding. Nipples also change color during pregnancy, becoming a darker brown versus a lighter pink before pregnancy.I am 5 weeks pregnant and my nipples are very hard, big and they are very itching for about last 4 days.It is a real possibility. I am 10 weeks pregnant and hard nipples were my very first symptom. Before I even missed a period my nipples were flying at full staff and itching like crazy.Hard nipples on their own are not a sign of pregnancy but if you are pregnant you may well get hard nipples.Well, I'm five weeks pregnant, and hard nipples were my first sign. Really the only way to tell if you're pregnant is to take a test.

Why have your nipples been sore for two to three weeks and this is not a usual side effect of you going to get your period?

If you don't get your next period, take a pregnancy test

How late on your period should you be before testing for pregnancy?

2 weeks

Can a doctor test for pregnancy 2 weeks before your period?


Could you be pregnant if your nipples are sore and itchy horrible heartburn stomach cramping tiredness occasional nausea and its still 2 weeks till your period?

Unless you got pregnant during your last cycle these are not symptoms of pregnancy as you get pregnant 2 weeks before your period.

Could you have symptoms of pregnancy before your missed period?

yes. pregnancy begins 2 weeks before ovulation -- doctors calculate it as the first day of your last period. so even a week before your period is due, you are actually 3 weeks pregnant.

Can you get pregnant 2 weeks before your period and miss that period?

Yes. That would be a normal pregnancy.

Could you be pregnant if you have never had sore nipples before and they have been really sore for four days and you do have unprotected sex with your husband?

The sore nipples are not half the indicator that "unprotected sex with husband" is. If you miss a period, wait a couple of weeks and take a pregnancy test.

What if you nipples are sensitive and period is not due for another 2 weeks could that mean pregnancy?

It could but I would say it could be because your ovulating.

Can you test 2 weeks before missed period?

Home pregnancy tests are designed to be used AFTER your missed period. Using it 2 weeks before a missed period could skew the results.

Can you take a pregnancy test if you're not due to start your period for another two weeks but think you are pregnant or do you have to wait for your period?

As you ovulate and conceive 2 weeks before a period you cannot yet take a pregnancy test.

Why would you have stinging nipples 9 days before your period is due if you have been having protected sex and PMS for you is usually only 2 days before your period?

Hi there. Stinging nipples can me a PMS symptom, pregnancy symptom or even irritation to your nipples. Sometimes when your nipples usually become tender before your period doesn't always apply and you can have nipple tenderness 2 weeks before your period or even a week after your period. Its also common for the ends of your nipples to take on a whiteish tinge or colour before your period is due. This is down to progesterone build up before your period and is perfectly normal. I wouldn't worry about the sitnging nipples but pay attention to any nipple discharge or flaky skin. If this occurs put on some cream to soothe the irriation. If you've recently changed your washing product or soap this could cause the stinging to that area. Take care.

Can you have a positive pregnancy test 2 weeks before your missed period?

I think the earliest accurate response you can get from a pregnancy test is five days before your missed period with the "First Response" brand pregnancy test. Although an ultra-sound can most likely see it as early as two weeks prior to your period.

Can you take a pregnancy test 5 weeks before your period if you think your pregnant?

Yes you can.

Can you take a pregnancy test 2 weeks before my period?

You can, but you will get a false reading. Wait until you have missed your period.

How far in a pregnancy does your nipples supposes to be hurting?

Usually 4-7 weeks

Period 2 weeks late sensitive nipples slight nausea on and off could you be pregnant?

yes you could. only a pregnancy test will say, not wikianswers...

How early should you be able to detect pregnancy in the urine?

5 days before your period is due, or at about 5 or 6 weeks of pregnancy

You got your period 2 weeks ago and now your nipples hurt could you be pregnant?

Your nipples could hurt at anytime, that doesnt mean you could be pregnant. The question is...Did you have sex ? Try pregnancy tests, or go to the doctor.

Can you get white creamy vaginal discharge 2 weeks before your period or is that more so a pregnancy sign?

A vaginal discharge before a period is normal as is in pregnancy. See a doctor if you suspect you may be pregnant.

What is the pregnancy period?

40 Weeks