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Sound waves are mechanical vibrations that physically move the material through which they travel.

Sound waves are not electromagnetic waves.


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Sound is a mechanical vibration and not an electromagnetic one. The electromagnetic spectrum is reserved for electromagnetic waves and will not have a place for sound on it.

No. Sound waves are mechanical waves.

Longitudinal wave is not electromagnetic. Sound wave is an example. Sound waves are mechanical waves. Mechanical waves badly need a material medium

Non mechanical waves are Eletro magnetic waves. We can devide 2 waves. 1 is mechanical waves & 2 is electromagnetic waves. For example Sound is a mechanical wave & Light is an electromagnetic wave.

Nothing. Sound waves are mechanical waves and light waves are electromagnetic waves. The two do not affect each other. Note that electromagnetic waves do not require a medium through which to travel. Sound waves (or any other mechanical waves) require a medium for transmission. And the medium through which a mechanical wave travels will affect an electromagnetic wave.

Sound waves are a type of mechanical waves. Light waves are a type of electromagnetic waves.

No; sound is a mechanical wave, infrared is a part of the electromagnetic spectrum.

Electromagnetic waves are transverse in nature where as sound waves are longitudinal. Electromagnetic waves can pass even through vacuum but sound waves are mechanical waves that means it needs badly a material medium Sound waves can be sensed by ear where as electromagnetic waves are sensed by eyes.

Basically they are mechanical and electromagnetic Mechanical can be transverse (waves on the surface of water] or longitudinal[Sound waves] Electromagnetic is transverse by nature

Sound is a mechanical wave.Light is an electromagnetic wave.

mechanical waves need a medium to travel through, electromagnetic waves do not. Electromagnetic waves can travel through space, mechanical waves can not.:PElectromagnetic waves do not require a medium, but mechanical waves do.

Ultrasonic waves are high frequency sonic waves. They're sound, which is mechanical energy. Electromagnetic waves are waves of electromagnetic energy, like radio waves or light. Mechanical energy is different from electromagnetic energy, hence the reason for ultrasonic waves not taking the form of electromagnetic waves.

False. Radio waves are electromagnetic vibrations, while sound waves are mechanical vibrations.

Mechanical waves are destined to have a material medium so as to get propagated through. Sound waves are mechanical waves where as light wave is not so. It is electromagnetic in nature

Mechanical waves such as sound and water waves.Electromagnetic waves, such as light, radio, microwaves, x-rays.

Sound waves and electromagnetic waves are different. Sound is composed of density waves in the air or some other form of matter. Sound is a mechanical compression-rarefaction wave. The different types of electromagnetic waves are gamma rays, X-rays, ultraviolet rays, visible light, infrared radiation, microwaves, and radio waves.

There are basically two types of waves;mechanical and electromagnetic waves.Mechanical waves are waves that require a material medium for their peopagation e.g sound waves, water waves e.t.c.On the other hand, electromagnetic waves are waves that do not require a material medium for its propagation e.g light waves, gamma rays.As indicated from the above definitions, the main difference between mechanical waves and other waves(electromagnetic waves) is is that sound waves require a material for its propagation while the latter does not.

mechanical waves need a medium to travel through and electromagnetic waves don't

Electromagnetic waves, if it was mechanical, something would literally have to make them!

light waves are electromagnetic

No. Waves that require a medium to travel in are called mechanical waves. Electromagnetic waves are not mechanical waves and do not require a medium.

Mechanical waves require a medium to travel, where electromagnetic waves do not.

mechanical waves carry mechanical energy and electromagnetic waves carry electromagnetic energy.

Mechanical waves require a medium for their propagation whereas electromagnetic waves require a medium for their propagation.

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