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i feel great when im wearing my man boob bra.! i have suffered from manboobism for my whole life. when i go to the beach, i like to show them off, but i get in trouble with the law sometimes cuz they look like some straight up hooker boobs. my name is christopher george and i think that my bust is very attractive. if you want to feel their firmness, call me babz! they also taste good with wipped cream Yes there is. If you go to some of the specialty pharmaceutical shops they will have them. Also, in some cases your family doctor may be able to help in this department. A man can have too much estrogen in his body. Please see your family doctor. Good luck Marcy

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2009-02-03 19:39:40
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Q: Are special bras sold for 'man boobs' when men have larger-than-normal breasts?
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How do you get breasts in a week?

If you never wear a bra, your boobs will get big, but you can not wear a bra. Bras squish your boobs and make you flat. Most Celebes's dont wear bras

How do you get perfect breasts?

DO NOT WEAR PUSH UP BRAS!!! Plz don't do that do your boobs. They make them saggy and ugly. Wear comfort bras that FIT YOU! Sports bras work good for lifting, firming, shaping, and even makes them grow! That will give you perfect boobs

What are push up bras?

Push-up bras are bras that makes a female's boobs look bigger and shows more cleavage. There are other ways of enhancing the look of the size of the breasts but they are considered the most effective method. they are bras that push up womens boobs to make them look bigger.

How do you get saggy breasts?

when u don't wear proper bras for u. ur boobs start to sag cuz of the no support

Where can you find fake breasts?

you dont find fake boobs on the street, if u want bigger boobs than stuff them, wear two bras , or go get surgrey done on them

Why do women have bras?

Women have bras to keep their boobs from jiggling. Also when a women doesn't where a bra their boobs may get saggy.

What were bras designed for?

to hold up boobs!

When are girls old enough to wear cupped bras?

When they have breasts. I started wearing a cupped bra when I was 11. it doesn't matter about age, it matters if you have boobs ! ;P

When do you get bras?

we get bras when we get enlarged breasts and we wear bras to prevent it fro<m saging

How can I pull my breasts together?

If you haven't already, try racer back bras or halter bras and/or tops. Also try a good push-up bra with side padding might pull your boobs together and show cleavage.

Can mans have bras?

No, mans don't even have boobs.

Should a man be allowed to wear bras?

yes because some men have saggy man boobs and they make special bra's for men too.

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