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Are pretty ricky all brothers?

Yes, only the original members of Pretty Ricky (Pleasure P, Spectacular, Slick em Hound, and Baby Blue) are brothers. They share the same father.

What is pretty ricky the groups real name?

Slick 'Em [Corey Mathis], Baby Blue [Diamond Smith], Pleasure [Marcus Cooper], Spectacular [Spectacular Smith]

Are Spectacular and Baby Blue brothers?


Is spectacular and baby blue cousin?

No, they are brothers.

Does pretty ricky have any kids?

Baby blue=no Spectacular=1 son Slick em=1 son and 2 twin daughters plus some other kids I think Lingerie=no Pleasure p=1 son

How many boys are in pretty rick?

There are five of them!! spectacular,pleasure p,slick'm,and baby blue<33

How many siblings does pretty ricky have?

Pretty Ricky is a band of four brothers who go by musical pseudonyms: the rappers Slick 'Em, Baby Blue and Spectactular, and the crooner Pleasure. The boys began performing together in 1997, with their father, Joe "Blue" Smith, taking the role of manager and taskmaster. (Smith is the father of all four, but only Spectacular and Baby Blue have the same mother. All were born between 1984 and 1986.)

Is spectacular and baby blue brothers?

how could u not know that all of pretty Ricky are bothers......... yes blood brothers

What is spectacular's baby name?

There are a great many spectacular baby names such as Maddison or Chelsea. Other spectacular baby names include Braydon and Tyler.

Who is Pleasure P's baby mama?

Pleasure P's Baby Mama is Danea Johnson (her Twitter is

A rhyming pair for a slippery baby chicken?

Slick chick.

Does spectacular smith have a baby?

he does i am happy he did too.SHE IS TO CUTE!

Does Pretty Ricky have a favorite song?

Yes!!!! Baby Blue: Tipsy (In Dis Club) By Pretty Ricky Spectacular: Tipsy (In Dis Club) By Pretty Ricky Slick' Em : Dirty Diana By Michael Jackson Lingerie: Love By Musiq Soulchild

Are the pretty ricky boys related?

Spectacular and Baby Blue are...

Are baby alligators born in eggs?

yes baby crocodiles are born in eggs to answer you spectacular question

How old are the members of Pretty Ricky?

Pretty Ricky is a band that was originally made up of four brothers or half-brothers. The founding members were: Corey "Slick'em" Mathis (rapper) - born June 3, 1985 Ala Diamond "Baby Blue" Smith (rapper) - born August 1984 "Spectacular" Blue Smith (rapper) - born September 7, 1986 Marcus "Pleasure P" Cooper (singer) - born December 27, 1984

Are the members of pretty ricky related?

Yes, Spectacular and Baby Blue

How do you spell the pretty ricky names?

Spectacular,Slickem, and Baby Blue

Is Pretty Ricky still together?

Pretty Ricky was the name of a band from Miami, Florida. The members were Baby Blue, Spectacular, Pleasure P, Slick'em, Mowet, Ambition/4play, Lingerie, and J.Long. They released four albums but broke up 2012.

Does pleasure p have a baby?

yes yes JK

What year was spectacular born?

My baby/husband was born in onSeptember 17th, 1987

Why are penises inserted into vaginas?

Sexual pleasure and baby making.

How do you say baby the pleasure was all mine in french?


What candy bar was named the nutty pleasure?

Baby ruth

Where can you find good baby pictures of the Jonas Brothers?

Go to YAHOO! and type in baby pictures of the Jonas Brothers. Your welcome!

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