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Yes, they are, unless the clerk in Quebec forgets. Once Ontario have been informed of your Quebec conviction, Quebec may only be 2 points but here in Ontario it would be 3 points, so beware before you plead guilty to any charges. for more information and to confirm this answer call the Ministry of Transport licence information line and they will tell you. They will also confirm to you which American States have a reciprocal agreement. The number for MOT is 416-235-1086 (weekdays 8;30 - 4:30). Good luck - hope this helps. H.E.L.P., Toronto 416-503-4994

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What happens if you get 3 speeding tickets?

You have to pay for three speeding tickets

How much is a speeding ticket in California for construction zones?

The cost of speeding tickets in the State of California depends on which county the ticket was received in. There is also a 20% fee added to all tickets issued.

Will a speeding ticket in New York state effect you in Ontario?

New York does report speeding tickets to Ontario and it will show on your driving record for points and insurance increase. Often a New York traffic attorney can get the ticket reduced depending on the circumstances and jurisdiction.

Would a speeding ticket received in Georgia by a Pennsylvania driver result in points?

No it will not. PA is one of the few states that does not post out of state speeding tickets to your record.

Do ny speeding tickets go onto your ct license?

do ny speeding tickets affect a ct license

How many speeding tickets have been issued in Kentucky in 2008?

there have been 6,988 tickets issued for speeding in Kentucky in 2008

What is the statute of limitation for unpaid speeding ticket in Texas?

The statute of limitation for unpaid speeding tickets in Texas is two years. It does not mean that unpaid speeding tickets can not be prosecuted.

If a Georgia resident gets a speeding ticket in Illinois going 88 mph in a 65 mph zone how many points will this be?

Out of state tickets generally are reported back to your home state and treated just as if you had received the ticket there. Call the Georgia DMV and they can give you the answer. OUT-OF-STATE TICKETS ARE ARE ONLY TWO POINTS IN YOUR STATE.

Can you get your license if you have unpaid speeding tickets?


How many speeding tickets can you have before they suspend your license?

5 tickets..

What is the statute of limitations of speeding tickets in Idaho?

If you have a speeding ticket, there is no statute of limitatons.

Will traffic tickets received in New York state count against your New Jersey driver record?

Yes, tickets received in New York will count against your New Jersey record for points and insurance increase. You need to contest the ticket and see if you can get it reduced or dismissed. Here is a site with information on New York Speeding tickets

What is the Indiana statute of limitation on speeding tickets?

There is no statute of limitations for a speeding tickets in Indiana. You have been duly informed and charged with the violation by the ticket.

How many speeding tickets do you get before your license is suspended in Iowa?

3 tickets.

What is the price range for speeding tickets in California?

$70 to $300 for non-aggravated speeding.

Who receives more speeding tickets?


Where to find points associated with speeding tickets?

speeding tickets are the most common type of traffic in new york. they provide a chart to know that in

How long does speeding tickets stay on your record in sc?

In South Carolina, speeding tickets will stay on your record for a couple of years. The points acquired for the tickets will be cut in half after a year, then removed after two.

Will a speeding ticket in Maryland show on a NJ driving record?

A Maryland speeding ticket will be reported to new Jersey and it will be two points against your driving license. There are only a few states that do not report speeding tickets to other states and Maryland is not one of them. A Maryland speeding ticket attorney can often get a probation before judgment and that does keep it off your record.

If you get a ticket in another state will the points show up on your New York State license?

New York does not post minor out of state speeding ticket to your record. However they will post speeding tickets received in Canada.

What is statute of limitation on traffic tickets in the state of Conn.?

There is no statute of limitations on speeding tickets.

Does georgia mail speeding tickets to you?

Yes, tickets are also mailed in the state of GA.

How much do speeding tickets cost in Tennessee?

The amount that speeding tickets cost in Tennessee will depend on how much over the speed you were going. This can range from $200-$600.

What is the fine for a teenager with 2 speeding tickets in Ohio?

The fine for a speeding ticket normally depends on the actual speed, not on the age of the driver or how many other tickets you have.

Does a speeding ticket in PA get reported to new york if your have a CDL?

Yes it will. While NY does not normally put out of state speeding tickets on your record, there is an exception for CDL drivers and it will be reported. In addition, if it is a serious CDL violation, 15 over the limit, it could cost you your job or your license could be suspended. A CDL driver should always contest a serious ticket and usually should contest any speeding ticket.