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Are state quarters without the silver worth much?


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2015-07-14 16:08:53
2015-07-14 16:08:53

They can be worth anywhere from 25 cents to several dollars apiece, depending on what you have and what condition it's in.

Anything with a P or D mintmark, that has been in circulation, doesn't have any added value, and likely never will.

P's & D's in uncirculated condition will have a value of 25 cents to a dollar, depending on the state and mintmark.

S-mint quarters are specially made proof coins, and were distributed only in the Proof Sets. There were both silver and non-silver versions of these made, with values ranging from a couple dollars to $10 or more, depending on the state and metal content. This is assuming the coin is still in its pristine proof condition.

If you have questions about specific quarters, that is not covered above, let me know.


To clear up any confusion, circulating clad coins do not contain any silver. The outer cladding is a nickel-copper alloy that has a silvery color. The only silver quarters now made are in special Proof sets.

This could be a coin with missing lamination, if so, it could be worth up to $50.00.


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Yes. All pre-1965 silver quarters are currently worth at least $6 for the silver, while modern copper clad quarters are worth face value.

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Silver dimes are worth about $2.50 in US dollars. This is about. 2.49 Canadian dollars. Silver quarters are worth about $5. This is about $4.98 Canadian dollars.

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As of today 12-6-11, U.S. 90% silver quarters are about $5.00 just for the silver.

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Yep, they are worth at least $5 for their silver content.

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Quarters are 90% silver with 10% copper, NOT pure silver. Without knowing any details like the date or condition, it's at worth at least $5 for its melt value.

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