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Are stores open on Memorial Day in portland maine?


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are the stores open on Memorial Day


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Yes, Aldi is open on Memorial Day.

Kroger stores will be open regular hours on Memorial Day.

Many stores are open on Memorial Day. This depends on the store you want to go to. Please refer to the stores website for more information.

Yes, Party City is open on Memorial Day.

No, Target is CLOSED on Memorial Day.

Though it is not certain, it appears that HEB grocery stores are open on Memorial Day.

they usally aren't. many shops are not open on memorial day.

No. All liquor stores in MA are closed Memorial Day.

Yes, Rhode Island package stores are open on Memorial Day.

The social security location in Portland Maine is located at 550 Forest Av Portland ME 04101. They are open Monday to Friday from 9am to 3pm. Their phone number is 877-319-3076.

Some stores are open and others arent , depends on what kind of stores they are

No. Many are open with sales.

No, Salvation Army is open on Memorial Day, and many stores will participate in a Memorial Day sale.

Since Memorial Day is now a three day weekend, stores remain open. The decision to stay open on the Memorial Day Sunday is more likely to be a local or state decision about being open on Sundays. Staples in the northeast is open on Sundays and on Monday, Memorial Day.

ShopRite is a retail chain of supermarkets in northeastern United States. On Memorial Day most stores will be open normal business hours.

Market Basket stores in locations we checked are open in Massachusetts on Memorial Day. To be sure your local Market Basket is open, call the store.

Most retail stores are open on Memorial Day, since it is a big day for sales. Many service stores are closed. It is best to call ahead or check a stores website before heading out to be sure.

Walgreens on Murray hill is open. Some gas stations, possibly Winco.

Most Ross stores will be open on the normal time schedule, but some may not.

Freeport, Maine is open on Xmas. The outlet stores are not. The LL Bean store in Freeport, Maine is open every single day of the year. There are no locks on the entrance doors.

Some are... see link:

Yes, the franchise stores conducted a two-day holiday sale that ended Memorial Day, 2010.

Pools mostly. I would have to say that some places such as hospitals are open, obviously. So some game places are open or stores. Grocery stores aren't open on Memorial Day though. Pools are the most popular thing to do cause you can do swimming of course. Swimming pools for club houses are open due to celebration pool parties.

Apparently not. I've called the two stores near me, and they don't answer.

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