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No. But some people think yes, and they just might be right.

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Q: Are stuffed animals alive
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Are Webkinz real?

the stuffed animals are but not real animals. Webkinz are real stuffed animals, but are not actual animals. They are not alive.

Can stuffed animals come alive at night?


Are alive stuff animals real?

If something is "stuffed" it is not alive, but a stuffed animal is a real object/toy.

Is a stuffed animal alive? Maybe in the future stuffed animals will be imbued with artificial intelligence that will be considered 'alive', but for now however they are not.

Explain why plastic plants and stuffed animals are not alive?

because "PLASTIC" plants are made out of plastic and plastic is not alive. stuffed animals are made out cotton or etc. and cotton is not living. .... but the germs and bacteria on it is alive

Do stuffed animals come alive at night and eat peoples' pants?

No, they do not.

Can stuffed animals come alive?

Not in real life. Just in movies, tv and your imagination.

How can you make your stuffed animals come alive in less than thirty minutes?


Are care bears puppets or stuffed animals?

Stuffed Animals

Use the ideas of virchow to explain why plastic plants and stuffed animals are not alive?

Based on Virchow's part of the cell theory he contributed, plastic plants and stuffed animals are not produced from other cells.

Do your stuffed animals come alive at night?

I hope not but just to be sure i would put them in a shed or garage

Why do people believe stuffed animals have souls?

Because when we were kids, we used to talk to them, and interact with them, as if they were alive, and some people believe that stuffed animals can be, let's say, a gateway, or storage area, for lost spirits

How do you make stuffed animals come alive?

Go to sleep, hope for a really nice dream. With luck they'll be alive there.You can't. Sorry.

When were stuffed animals first invented?

stuffed animals were invented in 2012/1

What are stuffed animals made out of?

stuffed animals are made out of dried up cum

Are elephants bigger than stuffed animals?

Yes, stuffed animals are bigger then elephants.

Where can one find Christmas themed stuffed animals?

One can find Christmas themed stuffed animals online at a variety of different websites. For example, the stuffed animals are available on eBay, Stuffed Animals, and DH Gate websites.

What do you call someone that collects stuffed animals?

There is no specific name for someone who collects stuffed animals.

Who has the largest stuffed toy collection?

i have 1000 stuffed animals

What is the world record for the most stuffed animals collected by one person?

Kuo Huan of Taipei, Taiwan with 91 stuffed animals all of the stuffed animals were collected by himself.

Where do you get stuffed animals?

Toys R Us and many other toy stores have a selection of stuffed animals.

Why do kids like stuffed animals?

They give kids a sense of comfort and they think the stuffed animals are special.

Why do adults carry around stuffed animals?

Because they can be up to 3 & up & stuffed animals will miss them

Is there going to be Angry Birds stuffed animals?

Angry birds stuffed animals are coming out in Dec. 2010.

What are stuffed animals at the zoo?

they are DEAD animals stuffed with stuffing to take home as teddys no their not they were made just the same as any other stuffed animal