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Are table scraps bad for dogs?

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yes table scraps are bad for dog! for one they might be allergic to something in the food. for the second reason it will make them over weight which can cause heart deasise. ANSWER #2 You can feed some human food, I'm talking about a healthy pet, not a puppy or sick dog. Cooked green vegetables in moderation added to their food, no corn, pieces of beef, chicken, turkey, no bones !! Breads sparingly, cooked oatmeal, cooked white rice, cooked brown rice, potatoes are ok as long as they are not loaded up with butter or sour cream. Potatoes are ok, with the exception: the potatoe family you have to watch for the sugar content, especially if your pet is a diabetic. No sugar coated items, no donuts, cookies etc, these will all cause problems if not now, it will as time passes. No mustard, ketchup, or mayo, Miracle Whip, no lunchmeats unless they are sugar free. I think its better to add some good human food to dog food especially the dry dog foods, but remember to feed less dogfood when you use human food.

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Dogs are mentioned in the Bible. There is a verse referencing that even the dogs get the scraps from the masters table.

I'm not sure but I think so.... Still it's not good to feed dogs table scraps.

No. Cattle are not omnivores and are not all that good about eating table scraps. You're better off feeding table scraps to hogs or chickens.

Catahoulas are domesticated dogs, so they can eat dog food, but, not unlike most other dogs, they can also eat table scraps.

when you feed a dog table scraps it will get a bit chubby

About 15 years is it has no table scraps if so then it will die at about! the ago of 10 to 12.

They might eat some scraps but it is not good for them.

Bone, feed table scraps, treats, feed too much, sleep with them, sweaters

Altogether, any dogs aren't supposed to eat table scraps, but they can have bread, millk. and meat, but no raisins or grapes, those are poisenous

Chocolate, grapes, and a other human foods (Table scraps, etc.). It is always the best (and healthier) choice to feed dogs dog food.

Table scraps, raw meat, bones left over and food leftover.

He scraps the car and buys a new one..The fox sniffs for some scraps of food.

Well, nothing should happen, but it's best for a dog to eat dog food rather the table scraps

My neighbors had an older dog with bad teeth when I was a kid and they fed him soft canned dog food along with cooked vegetables and a few table scraps. He was a happy old dog and lived seventeen years!

There are dog foods that are made to help dogs lose weight also don`t give your dog any table scraps.

While human food and table scraps are not recommended for dogs, there should be no health concerns if the dog managed to get a nibble of cheese.

dog food and table scraps

Yes dogs do have pancreas' and can get very ill with pancreatitis. Best advice is do not feed dogs table scraps, especially anything fatty.. My sheltie puppy almost died of pancreatitis, and had no table food. Vet never established what triggered it. Hope this helps!

Grapes, avocados, anything caffeinated, Macadamia nuts, raisins, chocolate and some citric juices are toxic to dogs.. I recommend avoiding table scraps (especially chicken bones) in general.

Dog food has been around since 1860. Before that, dogs were fed table scraps. Milkbone dog biscuits were invented in 1907.

Stop feeding him table scraps and human food. This is very bad for animals. Ask your veterinarian what food and how much to feed you dog.

bad. they ate with their bare hands and gave bones to dogs.

no you shouldn't feed any dog table scraps

Big dogs like a German Shepard, Golden Retrevier, Boxer, and even the middle sized dogs. Why you ask? It is because they need to burn off there extra fat they get from table scraps. Thanks for Asking!

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