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Good, but expensive to operate.

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Are there any low energy water heaters?

Tankless water heaters are low energy because they only run when the hot water is needed.

Are Tankless Water Heaters more efficient than regular water heaters?

Tankless water heaters are more energy and cost efficient than your typical water heaters. Of course, each person has their own needs and it is always a good idea to weigh out the pros and cons before making any decisions for a change. What works well for some may not work well for other.

Where can I find tankless water heaters in New York?

You can find in-line water heaters at any of the Home Depots in NYC, or at just about any plumbing or electrical store.

What is a 35 degree rise for tankless water heaters?

That question didn't even come close to making any sense.

What are the most efficient gas water heaters?

Tankless. A tankless heater heats the water as you use it. It doesn't store hot water and keep it hot day and night whether any is used or not. The water is heated almost instantaneously, and the heater will keep the hot water flowing as long as the water is turned on.

How are tankless water heaters green?

Tankless water heaters are green because they only heat the water as it is needed. In a conventional water heater with a tank, there are 20 - 60 gallons of hot water that must be kept hot 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Some of the heat in that water is constantly getting out of the tank, no matter how well it is insulated. That means that every so often, the heater must run to bring the water temperature back up. All that heat that leaks out is wasted. A tankless water heater doesn't use any energy when there is no water flowing.

What types of water heaters does Home Depot sale?

Home Depot, an illustrious hardware store, is known for selling any product to help the value of a home. Home Depot sells water heaters for its customers everyday use. Home Depot sells both gas and electric water heaters from a 30 gallon to a 80 gallon capacity. The water heater may also be tank, or tankless. If desired, Home Depot offers 6-year, 9-year, and 12-year warranties on their new water heaters.

What is the best electric tankless water heater for a mobile home?

If you have a barnett in your area get a Noritz 531 there are indoor and outdoor models and natural gas and LP models. WATER SOFTENER IS RECCOMENDED FOR ANY TANKLESS WATER HEATER IF HARD WATER IS PRESENT. I power my house with this but i only have one bathroom. I do not reccommend electric tankless

Is a o smith a good brand gas water heater?

It's as good as any other, Most water heaters sold in north America are very similar in construction and reliability

i am asking about maytag water heaters?

Maytag is one of the best brands out there for appliances. It is a bit pricey but it is good affordable. You won't regret buying any thing from Maytag.

Were do you put water for the heater on a 1999 reg corsa?

To make your heaters work, make sure you have water in the water tank under the bonnet. You cant miss it. I had that problem with a corsa sxi, I didnt have any water in the tank hense my heaters wouldn't work.

Can you direct vent any gas hot water heater?

No. Gas water heaters are not all designed to use direct venting.

Can you buy power vented kits for any water heater?

Power vented water heaters are usually factory installed kits.

How to Choose the Right Water Heater?

There are several different options when you need to replace your home’s water heater. Each type of heater has different benefits that may or may not fit your needs. Think about the priorities you have in mind for your water heater, then choose the one that matches those priorities the most closely. Electric Water Heaters Electric water heaters include large tanks filled with water that is constantly heated by an electrical heating element. They tend to consume less energy than gas water heaters because the electrical element is not continuously burning the way that a gas heater’s pilot light is. The only trouble with electric water heaters is that they can take a long time to heat the water when they are completely drained. They are not ideal for large families who may need a lot of hot water at the same time. Natural Gas Water Heaters Gas powered hot water heaters are configured the same way electric heaters are. They have large tanks of water that is kept hot and ready for use. Gas water heaters tend to consume more energy than other options, however, because they must be kept lit at all times to maintain effectiveness. The water heats more quickly with a gas water heater, though. Sometimes a gas water heater can require more maintenance than an electric option because the pilot light has a tendency to go out. The homeowner must light the pilot in order to make sure that there is hot water available for the home. Tankless Water Heaters Used as a standard form of water heater throughout Europe, tankless water heaters don’t require the use of a tank of water at all. They are installed in the same area that a hot water tank would be installed, but they contain a quick heating element that heats the water on demand. There is no danger of ever running out of hot water because the water is heated when the hot water tap is turned on anywhere in the house. Tankless water heaters are the most energy efficient option because they don’t keep a large quantity of water heated constantly the way the other types of water heaters do.

Are heaters in California any more heavily regulated than heaters in other states?

California has the strictest regulations, so if you can, buy heaters from there.

How To Take The Mystery Out of Selecting A Water Heater?

The life expectancy of a tank-type hot water heater is 13 years. For most of this time, the water heater will perform without any attention, then all of a sudden, you find water all over the floor. Before you rush out and make an emergency call to your plumber, there are several things to consider. The first is what size hot water heater your family needs now and for the next few years. Perhaps the size of your family has changed. If the kids are growing up, you may want to consider getting a larger heater. Teenagers tend to take longer showers and consequently use up more hot water. On the other hand, maybe the kids have moved out of the house and you can get by with a smaller size. What is the availability of different fuel types? If you have both natural gas and electric available, you can change if it makes economic sense. Electric water heaters cost less initially and are simpler to install. However, electric utility rates tend to be higher so the operating costs over the years will be higher when compared to natural gas. Gas water heaters are a little more complicated. They need adequate venting for the flue gases and a sufficient air supply for combustion. This makes the location of the heater more critical. Gas backdrafting is also a consideration and carbon monoxide detectors may need to be installed. The efficiency of the water heaters is a major factor. Electric water heaters have energy factors above 95%, while natural gas heaters are in the range of 60% to 65%. Tankless water heaters have become more popular in recent years. Their efficiency is higher, around 80%, because they do not have standby heat losses from a tank. Based on average gas rates, a tankless water heater will save about $100 per year for the average homeowner. The initial cost of a tankless heater is higher compared to gas and electric. Determine the payback period to see if the annual fuel savings justify the additional cost of the unit.

Are there any battery powered heaters?

Unfortunately, heaters can put out over 1,000 Watts, which is far too much for any battery assembly to power.

Where can i buy your water heaters?

My water heater is not for sale. If it's a boiler you want, you can get it at Menards, Lowes, or Home Depot, or any other stor that sells stuff for carpenters.

Do you need to shut off your hot water heater when swapping out copper pipes in a bathroom remodel?

Water heaters should be turned off, with the gas or electric to them turned off as well, when replacing any hot water lines. This would also be a good time to drain the tank and remove any built up water scale. This makes your heater more efficient.

How do you connect two water heaters in series with a hot water recirculation line?

you want your cold line coming tying into both inlets on the water heaters and the hot lines tied onto the outlet side of the water heaters evenly (so they get even draw and one water heater doesen't have to work harder tnan the other). your recirc line coming in ties into the cold line in beetween the two water heaters with a circ pump going twards the cold line and the other end of the circ line tying into the hot line on the furthest fixture. on the cold line coming in you need a ball valve, check valve and expansion tank before it ties into any of the heaters. NOTE: The solution above is for tanks in parallel not in series.

Does the ground wire from a 240 volt tankless water heater connect to the common wire?

Any ground wire has to be connected to an independent ground wire that returns directly to the distribution panel and not to the neutral of the circuit.

Do electric heaters have side effects?

Yes. Electric heater or any heater reduces the humidity of the room. Reduced humidity for long time reduces the water content of body. Room heaters that burn fuel in a locked room also consume more oxygen. And, it may lead to oxygen insufficiency for human breathing. This does not apply to electric heaters.

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