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No. Technically, teeth aren't bones nor made of bone. They are made of multiple tissues of varying densities.

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Q: Are teeth considered bones?
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Do teeth reproduce?

Teeth do not reproduce in the human population. Teeth are bones and are not materials that are considered to be reproductive.

Why are teeth not bones?

No, teeth aren't bones.

What is in teeth and bones?

calcium are your bones and teeth

What is the system of the teeth?

In the skeletal system, but are not considered bones because of their enamel and dentin.

Are teeth part of the skeletal system?

Your teeth are considered part of the skeletel system but are not classified as bones as they are made of enamel and dentin

What organs are there in the skeletory system?

Not really considered organs but bones and teeth are the main parts of it.

Is teeth have bones too?

Yes. Teeth are actually bones!

Are teeth have a bone?

No teeth are not bones

Which is harder bones or teeth?


Does lemon juice effect teeth and bones?

yes. it deterierates the teeth and bones

What is the percentage of body's calcium is stored in teeth and bones?

98% in bones and teeth

Are teeth made out of egg shells?

No. Teeth are bones. Bones are not made out of eggshells.

What organ system are the teeth part of?

Teeth are not organs, they are bones. I do not know if that helps a lot, but I do know that teeth are bones.

A major element found in the teeth and bones of vertebrates?

Calcium and magnesium are both found in the teeth and bones of vertebrates. Both of these elements are essential for strong bones and teeth. A deficiency in either one can cause weaker bones and teeth.

Are chicken bones made of the same things as teeth?

No. Teeth are made of dentin, dental pulp and enamel. Bones are made of calcium. Teeth are not the same as bones.

Do people have hair on their teeth?

No,because teeth are bones,people don't have hair on their bones.

A meneral that builds bones and teeth?

Calcium (Ca) is that mineral which builds bones and teeth.

Does the mouth have bones in it?

Yes it does. The jaw is considered in the mouth but that's not all. Teeth are bones also. its a special type of bone but it is in fact a bone. hope i help.ed

Why is teeth white?

Because your teeth is made out of the same material as your bones is made and your bones are White But I do not know why your bones are White.

Is your teeth a kind of rock?

No, teeth are bones.

Are teeth hard bone?

Teeth are bones.

Which nutrient keeps your bones and teeth strong?

Calcium, such as milk, keeps your bones and teeth strong.

Why is milk the best food to build bones and teeth?

because it has calcium in it which is good for our bones and teeth.

What is stronger Bones or teeth?

Type your answer here... the teeth

What is the use of calcium?

Calcium makes bones and teeth strong as it is like the enamel coating your teeth and bones.