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No. Restraining orders regardless of their status are available only as "need to know" status. Such as the parties involved, police agencies, a legal rep. of one of the parties, etc...

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Q: Are temporary restraining orders a matter of public record in California?
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Are restraining orders a matter of public record in California?

Yes. Court orders are public record unless sealed by the court.

Are temporary restraining orders a matter of public record in nys?

Unless the judge 'seals' it, the record of ALL court cases is available to the public.

Are restraining orders a matter of public record in Connecticut?

Restraining orders become a part of public records if they are not issued in direct conjuction with a crime such as sexual assault, rape, where state law provides protection for the survivor of such an assault.

Do you need a reason for a restraining order?

YES! The conditions required are that you feel your life in in jeopardy or that you are under the threat of great bodily harm. You do not go around getting temporary restraining orders because it is Tuesday and you do not like someone.

Can you own a gun with a civil court restraining order in California?

Own it yes, possess it no. Buy a new one, no. Some courts have issued standing orders to surrender your fire arms till the matter is decided.

Is a temporary restraining order that was denied by the judge part of public record?

Unless the Court orders the record expunged (destroyed), it is still a part of public record.

Is a restraining order valid if it is served at the wrong address?

Actually, restraining orders can be served anywhere, even in the wrong address, if and when you serve the proper person to whom the restraining orders applies to.

How many restraining orders does the character Sheldon Cooper on The Big Bang Theory have against him?

Sheldon cooper does not have any restraining orders again him.

Do restraining orders appear on your Criminal record?

No, but violations of such do. A restraining order is a civil order.

How can I get a restraining order against her?

restraining orders must be done through the court system

How much time does an attorney have to serve the other party a temporary restraining order?

In my experience, restraining orders and domestic violence injunctions are served by the Sheriffs Office or other law enforcement-associated agency. They are not served by private individuals, attorneys included.

Can you file a restraining order against your unborn fetus?

No, only born people can get restraining orders.

Are restraining orders a matter of public record in Massachusetts?


Where to go for restraining orders?

Family law court your district

What can you get a restraining order for?

A restraining order is a type of court order which is offered in helping to keep the abuser away from the victims so that the harassing stops and the abuser steers clear from the violence scene. It is important to know that the restraining orders are not criminal orders, but civil orders and that the abusers don't posess any criminal record.

Is a divorce decree permanent?

Yes, in most cases. There are certain things that may be included in the decree that have a time limit.....Restraining orders, protective orders, etc. Yes, in most cases. There are certain things that may be included in the decree that have a time limit.....Restraining orders, protective orders, etc. yes

How do you file a counter restraining order?

Restraining orders are best dealt with by a Lawyer. A counter order is just a regular restraining order filed for a slightly difrent reason and your lawyer will be able to do that.

When they go for the marriage license will they check their criminal backgrounds or check to see if they have restraining orders against one another?

Question: Why don't the two of you just go back to court and have the restraining orders dropped and be done with it?

What are the matter in Holy Orders?

The matter in Holy Orders is the laying on of hands.

How long are restraining orders in PA?

That will be determined by the judge on the basis of the severity of the case.

Which celebrity has the most restraining orders against crazed fans?

miss india

How long do restraining orders last?

It depends on the order. It should be specified in the text of the order.

Can a husband hire a private investigator to follow his wife during a divorce in Texas even if the wife has a temporary restraining order against the husband?

The answer to this questions really on what exactly the restraining order says. Restraining orders typically have a list of specifically prohibitted behavior (don't call, email, tslk, etc.) and they usually have orders prohibitting harassment in general (i.e. do not annoy. alarm, harass, etc.). These orders usually apply to conduct by third parties acting at your request, like using your mom to call the ex wife, etc. The safest thing to do is contact legal counsel in Texas to review the order and get a more definite answer.

Can you file a restraining order against a person who is not family member at a distric court?

Yes, depending on the jurisdiction you can get restraining orders against anyone, providing you have the proof the judge needs to see that they are legitimately a threat to you. CAUTION; NOT ALL JUDICIAL SYSTEMS OFFER RESTRAINING ORDERS or KEEP AWAY ORDERS. Some systems offer ONLY DOMESTIC VIOLENCE ORDERS. To quailfy to get a Domestiv Violence Order the other party MUST be a member of your immediate or extended family.

Do temporary retraining orders go on your criminal background?