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No they are not Forever stamps. They were issued in 2006 and have a value of 39 cents.

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Q: Are the 2008 lovebird stamps forever stamps?
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What do the forever stamps look like?

forever stamps will have the liberty bell

What actors and actresses appeared in Lovebird - 2008?

The cast of Lovebird - 2008 includes: Girawo Imaizumi Norihiko Shimizu

What are the forever stamps?

stamps you can use forever even if the price of postage increases

When do forever stamps expire?

They never expire, hence the name 'forever stamps.'

How many Forever stamps to mail a letter to Uganda?

how many forever stamps = .94

Can you use the forever liberty bell stamp for current first class postage?

Forever stamps are good for 1st class postage forever. That is why they are called forever stamps.

Are stamps that say CELEBRATE forever stamps?

Yes, they are.

Are forever stamps equal to 0.47 stamps?

Forever stamps have the value of the current First Class Postage Rate. Currently they cost 49 cents. They can be used 'forever' to mail one ounce of US Postage.

How many forever stamps to send a greeting card to Japan?

3 Forever Stamps should work just fine.

Can you use forever stamps at 44 til they run out in 2012?

You can use forever stamps for an ounce of postage forever. They never lose their value for one ounce of postage.

How many forever stamps should you use to mail a letter to India?

it takes at least 4 forever stamps and about ten regular stamps :d whats in india?? lol

What is lovebird stamps postage value?

These are worth 39 cents as postage if uncanceled. Their value as a collectible is neglible.

If you use forever stamps how many do you use to send to Germany?

It takes at least 2 forever stamps plus 10 cents.

Are the forever postage stamps good for the new increase?

That is the purpose of the Forever Stamps. They always equal the first class cost. It does not matter what you pay for them.

How far can Forever Stamps go?

The Forever Stamps can be used to send one ounce of First Class Mail anywhere in the United States.

How many forever stamps are needed to send postcard to London?

TWO US Forever stamps will suffice (USA to London post card)

Can you use the forever stamps for postage from US to Canada. I have a regular letter which would take 2 forever stamps. Can these stamps be used or do I need a stamp that shows the value of the sta?

No you cannot use them. Forever stamps can only be used for domestic (inside the US) mail. They must have a value on them for international mail.

Are the forever stamps still good?

Yes, they are. As the name says "FOREVER". As postage goes up, the forever stamps you bought at the lower rate will be sufficient to cover the first class rate.

Are the liberty bell stamps sufficient for postage since the price of stamps went up?

those stamps are forever stamps they will always coast the same as other stamps

How does forever stamp look like?

Forever stamps will have the word FOREVER printed on them. If the do not have a value and do not say forever, they have a fixed value.

Are your 2008 first class postage stamps still good for 2009?

Forever stamps are still good for the new rates. Stamps with a 42-cent denomination require another 2 cents of added postage to meet the current rate of 44 cents.

How much are forever stamps worth?

The US forever stamps are worth the cost of one ounce of first class postage. The are valid for that use 'forever' or until the post office changes their mind.

Do they sell forever stamps?

They do. They are called forever stamps because they will still be good for first-class postage even though rates go up . You can buy forever stamps right now for 42 cents and you can still use them without paying any more when postage goes up to 44 cents this May. After May, you will have to pay 44 cents for forever stamps.

What do forever stamps cost?

49 cents.

You have 2008 forever stamps can you still mail a letter with them?

Yes you can still use a Forever Stamp. It is good for the first ounce of First Class postage. It will always be worth the first ounce regardless of what the price is.

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