Are the Babylonians the same as the Assyrians?

No.. The Babylonians are a different civlization than the Assyrians! Look in a History Book and learn all about them it's very interesting if you ask me! They are 50/50 the same because they are both a civilization but then again there not ... :)

Assyrian and Babylonian are the same people 100% we speak the same language and we have the same Coulter. Babylon was one stat we are all Civilization of Mesopotamia we are same people but in deferent stat. i thought we weren't the same people but if you read the history in Assyrian times when someone is strong he will be the king so who kill the king his the king. i study history in Australia and my teacher said you are the same I'm Assyrian. you going to ask me now why Babylon destroyed Assyria is it because who's the strong he will control the whole empire. if you think that Assyrians are not than why Hammurabi builded the first library in Nineveh in Assyria. and why Assyrian queen Semiramis controlled Babylon she was Babylon queen. if you want the answer dude you will find 100% of stores and you don't know which one you believe but the history is telling us that they are the same people and we still speak the same language. thanks