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Are the Indian tigers endangered?


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Yes Indian tigers are endangered!!


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Yes!! They are endangered!!

Tigers are an endangered cat from India.

Indian tigers are endangered because people have been hunting them for so many years so that they can take there fur.

The names are tigers,monkeys,elephants and eagle

The Royal Bengal Tiger is endangered Indian Tiger is Vulnerable All tigers are considered endangered by the IUCN. The Indian tiger and the Bengal tiger are one and the same animal.

All tigers are endangered.

Tigers ARE still endangered.

Since white tigers are only Bengals, and all tigers are endangered, yes they are endangered.

Tigers are endangered every where, yes they are

Today, tigers are endangered. There are more pet tigers in noth america than all wild tigers.

all the tigers in the world are endangered there are only 7000 tigers left on the planet.

No..Tigers are much more endangered.

The siberian tigers are endangered because they are hunted.

Tigers are endangered and have been for along time. SAVE THE TIGERS!

yes if you type in google images endangered tigers.

Yes, because they are Bengals, and all tigers are endangered.

because they are ENDANGERED!!!!

Tigers became endangered because they were being killed in large numbers for their pelts.

Tigers are in endangered mainly because from poachers.Poachers are people who hunt illegally.

it's not just 3 all the remaining species of tigers are endangered

Bengal Tigers can come from India, therefore they are Indian tigers.

Very endangered ceatures

tigers are an endangered species.why

Tigers are not extinct, although they are endangered.

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