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Yes they are very nice

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He is nice. All of the Jonas brothers are nice

Yes. They are very nice.

they are all very very nice

No they all seem pretty nice

no there are really nice they love their fans

he is a singer in a band called JONAS (with brothers) he is also in a show (with his brothers Nick, and Kevin) called JONAS LA. Joe was born on August 15, 1989. he is funny, nice and an amazing actor he has a nice mom and dad next to his 3 brothers Frankie, Nick and Kevin. that is who Joe Jonas is.

YES. They absolutely love their fans

Yes, the Jonas Brother's do like black people. Some of their good friends are of this race, and besides, the Jonas Brothers are way too nice to be racist!

Their last name is Jonas and they are brothers... Jonas, Brothers, Jonas Brothers.

the jonas brothers are real brothers

No. In the show they are the Lucas Brothers. Their Band name in the show is JONAS, but they are not called the Jonas Brothers.

The Jonas Brothers are Brothers!!! Their name before they chose the name the Jonas Brothers was gonna be Sons of Jonas

well there last name is Jonas and they are brothers

Kevin Jonas is known as the romantic nice one...answer your question? :) As stated before Paul Kevin Jonas II , or "Kevin Jonas" is the cute, romantic one of the Jonas Brothers.

Jonas brothersJonas brothers Jonas brothersTHE AMAZING UNBELIEVABLY TALENTED JONAS BROTHERS!!!!!!!!

Well, the Jonas Brothers are all nice. Joe Jonas is funny, Nick is a little shy, and Kevin is lik ethe business man!

Nick Jonas of the Jonas Brothers in fact does have some nice muscles! You can serch his pictures and videos on youtube or for just pictures you can google his images.

Nick Jonas Was 13 when he started to perform with the Jonas brothers

Well the Jonas Brothers are literally JONAS. Joe Jonas Nick Jonas + Kevin Jonas theyre actually all brothers

They are brothers, and their last name is Jonas. (= I love the Jonas Brothers! <3

Because Jonas is their last name and they're brothers.

The Jonas Brothers concert is on august 22. JONAS BROTHERS ROCK!

"Who Inspiers The Jonas Brothers?"I believe The Bettles Inspier The Jonas Brothers That Is Who Inspiers The Jonas Brothers!I Hope I Helped!Thanks!

No, Kevin Jonas, from the Jonas Brothers, does NOT smoke.

They became a band when they first knew that they had a very nice voice.