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The Ku Klux Klan still exists today. The number of members has dwindled considerably to a few thousand members since it's rising in the 1800s. The Klan will mostly likely always exist because there will always be people that are white supremacists. The Klan, in it's smaller form, nowadays has ties to white supremacists such as the Skinheads, and the Aryan Nations. The KKK still exists today in fairly large numbers. There are klaverns in 40 states, with an estimated membership of over 200,000. They exist mainly as a rallying point for people who have no other way to vent their anger against imagined wrongs, and only rear their heads in times of strife. The membership for the most part is secret, and usually only a small minority of them show up to march and spout their backwards rhetoric. Here in North Carolina where I live, there are several small rural towns where Klan influence is still known in politics and even law enforcement. Most of us in the South want nothing to do with these people, and stay away from them as much as possible. They call themselves" The Invisible Empire", and I wish they would stay invisible and just go away.

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Q: Are the KKK still active
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Where are the KKK still active at?

In the southern states.

Is the KKK still active in Utah?

As a lifelong citizen of Utah, I swear that I have never heard about any dealings of the KKK in Utah.

When did the KKK stop?

The Ku Klux Klan (KKK) has never stopped. There are still current day Klans. While they are not as active and widespread as they were in the past, the Klan's beliefs and ideologies are still the same.

Does the KKK still active today?

Yes, there are still a few chapters here and there but they arnt as popular as they were in the late 1920's

Is there still a KKK?

Yes, the KKK is still here. There are about 1,000 members in the KKK today.

When exactly did the KKK end?

The KKK never ended, but their not as active as they used to be.

Are there any KKK left?

Yes, there are still active members of the KKK, but you don't hear about them as often because they do a lot less manslaughter. There are currently about 7,000 members in the Klan.

Is the KKK still active today?

Yes, unfortunately. There membership has grown since President Obama was elected.

Does the KKK still exist today?

Yes they do. the KKK is still around today but their isn't many KKK members now. there is about 6,000 KKK members who's still alive today. Some KKK members are still alive from the 2nd KKK which lasted from 1915-1944.

Where was the KKK most active?

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How did the KKK end and who led that to an end?

...No the KKK is still very alive...

Does the KKK still kill?

The remnants of the KKK are impotent and there is no evidence of any KKK-related murder in many years.

Will the KKK still kill you?


Does the KKK exist in 2012?

Yes, the KKK still exists in 2012, sadly.

Where are the KKK today?

In some far off cities there are still some members of the KKK

When was the KKK most active in the US?

Around the late 1860's

What is a example of active resistance by slaves?

They would lynch KKK members

Is the KKK still alive?


Does the KKK exist in 2013?

They still do

Are there still groups of the KKK?

I'm almost 100% sure there are still groups of KKK because the world isn't perfect. Many people are still prejudice.

What year did the KKK disappear?

The KKK still exhists today. So technically, they have never dissapeared.

When did the KKK start and is it still going on?

I believe KKK started when the civil war ended, and yes they are still around today, particularly in the south.

What stoped wegener from proving that the continents were once together?

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When was the KKK in Indiana?

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