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No not regular SEAL Teams. The 2 best US Special Operations units are Delta Force and SEAL Team 6(DEVGRU) they are the US`s only 2 Tier 1 Special Operations Force.

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Q: Are the Navy Seals the most elite unit in the US Armed Forces?
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Which are more trained US armed forces or Israel armed forces?

US armed forces are clearly more trained such as the US navy SEALs

Are navy seals the most elite forces?

Their training is the harderst together with the airfoce special forces.

What is better marines or navy seals?

It's just an opinion. They are both very elite forces.

Are the army the most elite unit in us armed forces?

Within the U.S armed forces the most elite forces are comprised of Delta forse, Navy Seals, Green Berets, Marine force recon and Army Rangers. Bridging the line between traditional forces and elite units are Airborne units such as the 82nd Airborne Division, and the Marines. The order of battle is then determined by the location of the mission area and threat as the determining factor to which forces will be used.

The Canadian army?

The Canadian Armed Forces the the army of Canada, allies with US Navy Seals in war with Afghanistan.

Which branch of the us armed forces has admirals?

The branch of the US armed forces that has admirals is the Navy. The armed forces is made up of the army, air forces and the navy.

What are armed forces?

the armed forces are the army, the marines , the navy, and the air force

Who gets paid more Delta Force or Navy SEALs?

The NAVY Seals definitely get paid more than the Delta Force. As the top black and special ops outfit in the Armed Forces, the Seals are simply considered the best of the best.

Who are the most elite solidiers in the world?

Navy seals

Who are the most elite warriors in the world?

The Navy SEALs

Give you example sentence using the word elite?

Navy SEALS are an elite fighting force.

Are Marines and the Navy the same?

No, although in the US Armed Forces they are separate forces under the Secretary of the Navy.

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