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How do you measure it? The most money? The most wins in total competitions?

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The sports team name that starts with a y is the New York YankeesThe sports team name that starts with a y is the New York Yankees

The New York Yankees with 27 world titles

The first pro sports team in NY were the Yankees

No, the New York Yankees are the winningest sports team with 27 Championships.

Baseball: New York Yankees or... New York Mets

New York Yankees.It's the Yankees and no one else!

UNC! Dallas Cowboys Los Angeles Lakeshow Texas longhorns New York Yankees

New York is a state. Yankees is the name for the team. All sports teams have the beginning of the team name capitalized. It's a proper noun.

The New York Yankees are the most marketable team in sports history.

Of all sports the New York Yankees have the highest cap salary

New York Yankees baby!!!!

it matters where you live. Since i live in New York i am going to say the best football team is either the giants or jets, and the best hockey team is either islanders or rangers. For baseball it is different because the best team is obviously the Yankees.

I think The New York yankees is the best team.

New York Yankees- 27 World Series victories

For Baseball he likes the New York Yankees

Yankees, Mets, Jets, Giants, Bills, Rangers, and Islanders.

Id have to say the New York Yankees with 22

The U.S sports team that has the most titles is the NEW YORK YANKEES. They have 27 World Series championships.

2009-New York Yankees.

1998 or 1927, take your pick

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