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no, most skylines upto the R34 are a straight 6, sentra's are a straight 4, the new skyline is a V6, but the skyline's straight 6's will fit in the sentra engine compartment

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Q: Are the Nissan skyline and the Nissan Sentra motors the same?
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What Nissan model has parts that are interchangeable with a 1995 infiniti g20?

I'm not sure if the 1995 G20's are the same but I have a 1991 G20 and the parts are interchangeable with the 91 Nissan Sentra. You have to watch out tho because Nissan put 2 different motors in the Sentra a 1.8 and the 2.0 I believe. Only the 2.0 is interchangeable with the Infiniti G20

Will 1992 or a 1993 Nissan Sentra transmissions work in a 1994 Nissan Sentra?

yes the trans is the same in all 91-94 for the 1.6L motor

Is the 1.6 liter engine in a 1998 Nissan Sentra the same as the engine in a 1994 Nissan Sentra?

Yes, but with improvements along the way. Better camshafts etc...

Can i use the Nissan sentra 98 gle computer box on anissan sentra 98 gxe?

No becauseit's not the same model.

What kind of transmission fluid does a 1997 Nissan sentra take?

Dexron 3 or Nissan matic D. Same.

What causes a knocking noise when you turn the steering wheel on a 2012 Nissan sentra?

I don't know, but I have the same problem with my 2011 Sentra. :(

How do you change transmission fluid on a 2005 Nissan Sentra?

take it to the dealership, a nissan sentra takes atf fluid you can only buy at the dealership. For how much the fluid and tools for it cost it will be about the same price for them to do it

Will Nissan heater core fit leganza?

For example a 2000 Nissan Sentra and a 2000 Daewoo Laganza are the same heater core but the Maxima is not..............

Is a Nissan Sentra transmission interchangeable with a Nissan altima transmission?

no. even tho they might use the same QR25DE engine their still different that's why you can find a turbo for a sentra and not a altima its the same block pretty much but headers n trans are different.

What parts are needed for a tune up on a Nissan sentra 1993?

i have the same question. pepboys wansy $350

Will an alternator from a 1992 Nissan Sentra work on a 1993 Nissan Sentra?

are they the same size? did the car the alternator come off have the same options or more than the one your going to put it on as the amps could be less and you have a/c on your car and head lights on same time could cause problems you don't want

What weight motor oil for a Nissan Sentra?

Depends on the year which you fail to list. Let me put it another way before you erase my answer. nissan recommends that you use 5w30 or 10w30 on ALL NISSAN SENTRAS made between 1995 and 2012. Not sure pre 1995 but expect it to be the same.

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