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Q: Are the Sioux indians still alive today?
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Where are the Sioux tribe today are they still alive?


Are the seneca Indians alive today?

Many Indians are still alive today, there are Indians of all kind, but I can not be sure of the seneca Indians.

How many of the Sioux Indians still exist today?

4.5 million

Are Indians still alive today?


Is the caddo Indians still alive today?

does the caddo tribe still exist today

Are the plains Indians still alive today?

Yes. They are alive in Indian reservations in the southwest.

Are the Iroquois Indians still alive today?

yes and no some are and some are not

Were the Indians alive in 1909?

Indians are alive today

Are there any shoshone Indians alive today?

There are Some shoshone indians still living today but not as common as in the 1700's

Do the Sioux Indians still exist today and where?

In the USA or get a closer answer from wikipedia Remaining bands of Sioux have reservations in North and South Dakota, Minnesota and Wisconsin.

Where do the Sioux Indians live today?

The Sioux Indians live in the states of Montana, and North and South Dakota. They also live in Minnesota and Nebraska.

What kind of houses do Sioux Indians live in today?

they live in normal houses today

Are the Sioux still living today?


Are there Blackfeet Indians still living today?

yes there are blackfoot ondians still alive. I'm doing a report on the tribe.

Are there Plain Indians still alive today?

There are still Plains Indians in the Indian reservations in the southwest, although only 1.8 million are registered tribal members

Are there any Apache Indians alive today?


Are the pomo Indians alive today?

yes they are

Is sexism still alive today?

No it's alive today

Who were the Sioux Indians ancestors?

The Sioux Indians were nomadic people. There were many different tribes, although only five remain today. These are the Omaha, Ponca, Osage, Kansa, and Quapaw.

Where do the Sioux live today?

The Sioux Indians live in the states of Montana, and North and South Dakota. They also live in Minnesota and Nebraska.

Are Mojave Indians still alive today?

Yes the are. In fact they live in Fort McDowell Reservation. Which is near Scottsdale.

How many Kickapoo Indians are there alive today?


Is Gary Paulsen still alive today?

Yes he still is alive.

Is colin Powell still alive today?

I believe that he is still alive.

Are dingos still alive today?

I Think That The Dingos Are Still Alive