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yes they are related why wouldn't they be there fantastic

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Who is the boy in the Veronicas?

There is no boy in the Veronicas

Are the Veronicas identical?

The Veronicas are identical twins.

When was The Veronicas created?

The Veronicas was created in 2004.

How old is The Veronicas?

At the moment the Veronicas are 25 and in 2011 they are turning 27 on the 25th of December I LOVE THE VERONICAS

Why are the Veronicas called the veronicas?

They got the name "the Veronicas" from the Archie comics. The girl that Archie likes is named Veronica. ____________________

The veronicas phone namber?

the VERONICAS phone number is 82567781

When was The Veronicas born?

The Veronicas was born on December 25, 1984.

What song was the first of the veronicas?

4ever was their first single released as the veronicas

How many songs have the veronicas done?

The Veronicas have a total of 41 songs.

Does the veronicas smoke?

No the veronicas don't smoke, never have never will. x

How old is Lisa and jess from the veronicas?

The Veronicas are born on December 25, 1984.

Is one of the Veronicas a boy?

No, the veronicas are twin sisters, Lisa and Jess Origliasso.

Where did the veronicas get the name veronicas from?

They got their name from the character Veronica from Archie comics :-)

Where did the veronicas grow up?

The Veronicas were born and grew up in Brisbane, Australia!=)

Where does the apostrophe go - veronicas hat is in the monkeys cage?

Between the a and the a in Veronicas

Who wrote the song 'All about us' in the album Dangerous and moving of t.A.T.u?

t.a.t.u did they had in russhin then the veronicas took it and made it English then t.a.t.u made there own! YOU SUCK VERONICAS !!!!!!!!!!!! actually the Veronicas are awesome and the veronicas wrote it

Who wrote Fading by The Veronicas?

The Veronicas wrote it for Australian Idol's winner Kate DeAraugo.

Which one of the twins from The Veronicas plays the guitar?

Jessica Origliasso plays the guitar from The Veronicas!

What song did the Veronicas sing on suite life of Zack and Cody?

the veronicas sang cry

What is Lisa Lopez from the veronicas middle name?

What is Lisa Lopez from the veronicas middle name.

The veronicas emo?


Are the veronicas virgins?


Do the veronicas have msn?


Did the veronicas die?


How old is Lisa in the veronicas?

Lisa and Jess from The Veronicas are 24yrs old. Their birthday is on Christmas day.

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