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Short answer? Yes. All of the reviews I have read on web forums have been VERY positive, just dont expect a $1500 rifle for $570. Its cheaper than an Olympic Arms K3B, and surely better!


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Paintball sniper rifles are sold anywhere ammunition and gun supplies are sold. Walmart carries paintball rifles and accessories as well in most of their stores.

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No way of knowing, but the number would be measured in millions. In addition to the civilian sporting rifles in 30-06, there were 5.4 million M1 Garands- large numbers of which were sold the members of the public- and the 1903 rifles- also sold to the public.

Hamilton was a company founded by Clarence Hamilton of Plymouth Michigan. From 1898 to 1945 Hamilton manufacturer 14 different models of good quality affordable 22 caliber rifles.

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Yes because I live in Michigan and I have laws about that and they let me.

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Be more specific. Are you asking about Danville Kentucky, Danville Illinois or Danville California?

It is my understanding that Herters only made rifles in the mid to late 60s and were sold mainly via mail order direct from them with a few stores selling as well. The Gun Control Act of 1968 pretty much marked the end of Herters rifles.

Depends on what type of gun you are talking about. Generally speaking, few revolvers have safeties. Virtually all semi-automatic pistols and rifles do have them, and the majority of shotguns are now sold with a safety. Older lever-action rifles generally don't have safeties, and most bolt-action rifles don't either.

Most air rifles sold for around $20 to $30 in the 1960's

According to the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives, shows that just over two million AR 15 rifles were produced for domestic use in the United States from 2000 to 2010. Taking these numbers into account, it can be estimated that approximately 200,000 have been sold per year.

As with all guns, the value depends on rarity and condition. A 788 in good condition in the most common caliber, .308, will sell for about $300 and up. It has this high value because it was one of the most accurate rifles ever sold, and is still being used by custom gun builders to make target rifles.

price ceiling: a legal maximum on the price at which a good can be sold.

No, owners are usually extremely greedy. You can shop multiple dealers and make them bargain for your business.

Someone who has sacrificed spiritual values for power, knowledge and material gain . A reference to the German astrologer and wizard, Johann Faust, who sold his soul to the devil

Cost of goods sold is the total cost incurred for goods manufacturing while cost of goods sold statement is the document which shows the calculation of cost of goods sold.

the springfield 1903, older war models of Remington and Winchester. the r7.

Sako Finland manufactures some of the world's finest hunting and sporting rifles. These rifles remain incomparable in terms of accuracy, quality and premium pricing. They are sold at discounted prices at major online firearms store and rifle centers.

Sears sold rifles, shotguns and handguns. Most were made by companies such as Savage, Marlin, High Standard, but marked with the Sear's brand name- JC Higgins, or Ted Williams.

Mossberg has always put out a quality product. 59-71. They were also sold under other comapny names and model numbetrs. Mossberg's model numbers never went that high.

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