Are the best artests left-handed?

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Is David Archuleta lefthanded?

Yes, he is lefthanded.

Is it ryeowook lefthanded?

He is most likely to be lefthanded.

Was Muhammed Ali righthanded or lefthanded?

lefthanded--He was actually expected not to be anything.

Is christian beadles lefthanded?


Was Gavrilo Princip lefthanded?


Is Justin Bieber lefthanded?

yea he is

Is oli murs lefthanded?


Is Harry Styles is lefthanded?

Yes, he is

Was Michael Jackson lefthanded?

no he was right handed

Is kesha lefthanded it right handed?


Who is the pitcher for the Atlanta Braves that threw sidearm and was lefthanded?

Zane Smith, a rare lefthanded sidearm pitcher, played for the Atlanta Braves from 1984 to 1989.

What was unique about the man who killed King Eglon?

He was lefthanded

Is Paris Jackson lefthanded or right handed?


Is Taylor Swift lefthanded or righthanded?

she's righthanded

Is Cara Gosselin righthanded or lefthanded?

I think she is left handed.

Was Princess Diana lefthanded or right handed?

Left handed

Was William Shakespeare right or lefthanded?

he wrote with his right hand.

Is Dylan Sprouse lefthanded?

no both he and cole are right handed

How do you obtain a sign for a century old farm in Ontario Canada?

You have one of the artests who work in wood in Oregon make you one.

Where are representative groups on the periodic table?

they are located on the lefthanded side of the p table

Is lefthanded a compound word or a hyphenated compound?

Left-handed is a hyphenated compound.

What evidence does Atticus reveal about Bob Ewell that may find him guilty?

he is lefthanded.

What actors are left handed?

Many actors are lefthanded, but many actors' characters are lefthanded too, so you should Google this always to make sure. Nathan Kress Ashley Tisdale Tim Allen Tom Cruise

Does Babe Ruth write with his left hand?

Not anymore...Ruth is deceased. Ruth both pitched and hit lefthanded, so he probably wrote with this left hand, but maybe not. Many lefthanded people write with their right hand.

Was Raymond burr lefthanded?

He was smoking a cigar with his left hand in the movie rear window.