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Q: Are the bongos Hawaiian instruments
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What percussion instruments have the letter B in it?

the Bongos.

What are mambo instruments?

bongos, piano and bass

African musical instruments?

bongos and drums

What are bongos and how do they work?

Bongos are musical instruments. For information on how they work, consult the related link below.

What instruments were used in Bob Marley's songs?


What are some afro-Cuban instruments?

timbalies bongos claves

What are African instruments?

Some African instruments include: bongos, tamborines, and many other drums. African instruments are alot like instruments in America

South American Instruments?

claves, bongos, charango, quena and guio

What percussion instruments are used in Latin music?


What are all the different jamaican instruments?

The guitar, slide guitar, bongos, and of couse....the bong

Instruments that start with b?

Bassoon, bari sax, bass clarinet, bass drum, bongos.

What instruments are used in the song count on me Bruno mars?

Guitar, Bongos (or similar), Vocals, Backing Strings (Cello?)

What instruments are in the song live your Life?

woman vicals; rap; drums; violins; bass; guitar; bongos;

What instruments are used in the westside story America?

Piano, vibraphone, xylophone, mallets, bongos, timbales, voice, strings, trombones.

What instruments were used in forget you by cee lo green?

Well Piano,electric giutar, bongos (the big ones)

What instruments are used in somebody that you used to know?

bongos. the claves. the jfhgjkdfhgk. also the jsdhflakwrjfgilhni. it includes sjdhjkkweikxnwts as well. your welcome

What instruments are being played in The Lion Kings ' ''I just cant wait to be king''?

I heard a piano, electric or bass guitar, bongos, and other instruments that I can't identify being played during the song.

What kinds of instruments does Latin Percussion sell?

Latin Percussion specializes in producing Latin percussive instruments such as bongos, congos, cajons, claves, bells, blocks, shakers, maracas, and ethnic drums.

What instruments are in calypso music?

trumpet, trombone, Clarinet, saxophone, electric guitar, bass guitar, conga, bongos, Steelpan, drumset.

What instruments did Stevie Wonder play?

piano, synthesizer, harmonica, congas, drums, bongos, organ, melodica and Clavinet.

There are 6 percussion instruments can you name them?

There are a lot more than 6 percussion instruments. Some include the snare drum, bass drum, gong, bells, triangle, bongos, xylophone, marimba, and tenors.

What instruments does Bill Bailey play?

Bailey is a talented pianist and guitarist, and has perfect pitch. Favourite instruments include the keyboard, guitar, theremin, kazoo and bongos. He also mentioned in an interview that he has achieved Grade 6 Clarinet.

What instruments are used in the salsa music?

A variety of instruments are used in salsa music: guitars, trumpets, maracas, bongos, conga drums, saxophones, bass guitars, claves, cowbells, guiros, timbales, etc.

Examples of percussion instruments?

Basically a percussion instrument is anything you play by banging or shaking this could include: * Tambourines * Drumkits * Djembes * Bongos

Instruments begin with letter B?

Bass viol, bass saxophone, bassoon, Bongo drums or Bongos, Bagpipes, Banjo, Bass Guitar.