Are the gods aliens

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Check "Where the gods in ancient cultures really aliens?"

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Q: Are the gods aliens
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If aliens are real would they have gods?

No only made up gods like here on earth

What are the release dates for Ancient Aliens - 2009 Magic of the Gods 6-4?

Ancient Aliens - 2009 Magic of the Gods 6-4 was released on: USA: 21 October 2013

What are the release dates for Ancient Aliens - 2009 Chariots Gods and Beyond 1-0?

Ancient Aliens - 2009 Chariots Gods and Beyond 1-0 was released on: USA: 2009 USA: 2009

Are aliens referred to the gods?

According to some historic South American legends, yes.

Themes in chariots of the gods?

Aliens visited Earth & advanced man's progress on more than one occasion.

Who would win in a fight between Greek gods and an advanced alien race?

i think that the aliens would win

Did people in Sumer worship gods or aliens?

The answer is hidden beneath the ruins of sumer some say aliens abducted 8 females 5 ment and 13 children but that could just be a myth

On History Channel's Ancient Aliens there was abook mentioned about natural disasters and aliens' involvement in them The title has 'Eden' in it and the author is Brandley or something?

I'm watching the very program right now. The title of the book is 'Gods Of Eden'.

Are there aliens in red faction guerrilla?

Technically there are no aliens, but the closest thing to aliens in the game are the marauders. The marauders are really a large group of scientists from the Ultor Corporate Colonies from the earlier Red Faction games. For an unknown reason the scientists went crazy and started worshipping weird gods and stuff.

Who had the first idea of aliens?

Your ancestors and mine. It was not an idea, it was a reality, they were visited by these spacemen which could have been mistaken as "Gods" coming down from the heavens.

Why do vikings believe in gods?

Why does anyone believe in gods? That is a question with as many answers as there are people on this Earth. To explain reality, because gods do exist, to comfort their own fears, because their stories about gods represent archetypal concepts...maybe even because the gods in question are aliens from Sumer. Some claim that Norse mythology is a mystery cult, and that all the stories are metaphors for a great secret.

Where did the aliens come from in the movie aliens?

The aliens from "Aliens in the Attic' came from a planet called "Zirkon".

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