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No, what you have to do is buy a front coil and a rear coil because the two are slightly different. If you have a scan tool, you can interchange the front and rear coils until the 1320 ignition code is gone.

2008-12-14 22:53:13
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How do you know if your key is bad 1992 Cadillac?

If the key will turn in the ignition cylinder, the only other fault the key can have is a missing or damaged resistor. The resistor is in the middle of the key and looks like a small black oval. The resistor has one of 16 specific values and is "read" by the Pass-key module. If you have a vehicle with 30K or more on the odometer that won't start, and everything else is good, (battery, starter etc…), the most likely problem is the two little wires that connect the Pass-key module to the ignition cylinder. These wires have to flex each time the cylinder is turned and eventually break at the ignition cylinder. The only reliable repair is to replace the ignition lock cylinder and key. New Ignition lock cylinders do not come with real ignition keys, only a temporary key to identify the cuts. If the cylinder is changed you have to purchase a new key separately to match the old key resistor and then cut to match the new lock cylinder.

How do you find the height of a cylander?

You must use the information about the cylinder that you're given, along with the general things you know about cylinders, to calculate the missing measurement.

91 Jaguar XJ6 sovereign and it seems to be missing on 2 cylinders the injectors are getting fuel and there is sparkany help?

not to sure to be honest if it has a spark plug the spark when fitten to the engine could be shorting to earth before the spark reaches the cylinder( ignition of the fuel) could be worth a try changing them

What happens to a car's performance andor fuel efficiency when 1 cylindar is not firing?

Missing one cylinder can GREATLY reduce performance. The timing of your cylinders is the lifeblood of your engine, and if you are missing one its the same as a drummer missing a beat in a song. Its just not right. It can cause your engine to rock and stress the motor mounts and has been known to even destroy transmissions if driven too long with a missing cylinder.

What would make the service engine light stay on and the engine race in your 1995 Pontiac Grand Am The engine is a 4 cylinder quad 2.4L?

its missing 4 cylinders sir!

What does it mean when only 5 out of 6 cylinders fire?

It means that the engine is "missing." With the engine running, pull the injecter wires on each cylinder. If the engine changes pitch or runs worse, go to another cylinder. If there's no change, then you've found the bad cylinder. Check the plug for fowling, the injector for operation, and finally try a compression test on the affected cylinder.

1991corolla when you put car in gear it acts like it is missing air cond makes it worse?

sounds like a misfire. try pulling plug wires off one at a time to diagnose which cylinder or cylinders is in the culprit.

Can a blown head gasket causing too much fuel consumption?

Yes it can if one or more cylinders is missing. Those cylinders are wasting fuel.

Which cylinder is which on a 2001 Chevy Silverado 4.3l V6?

When looking at the enging in the car the cylinders are 1 is the front right 2 is the front left 3 is the middle right 4 middle left 5 back right 6 back left it is the same for the Chevy 350 only missing cylinders 7&8

Vt commodore engine is missing and runnuing rough?

Check the engines timing to start with. Then check the engine for proper cylinder compression. Check the ignition coil and plug wires for breaks or leaking voltage.

Ignition will not turn over?

The engine needs fuel, compression and spark (ignition) to run, you are missing one of those.

What else could be wrong if 2 cylinders are misfiring after getting water into the motor through the intake after the spark plugs and ignition coils have been replaced and it is still misfiring?

I really hate to be the one to tell you the bad news but it is possible that you have bent some valves. Take the spark plugs out of the missing cylinders and run a compression check on those two.

How do you correct cylinder 1 misfire on a 2000 Chevrolet Malibu?

Find out why it is missing. Bad plug, plug wire, injector, etc. if its not plugs wires or coil it could be ignition modular its under the coil packets

How do you turn off the check engine light P0300 1998 rodeo izusu?

PO300 is a random misfire. Meaning it is not just missing on, say cylinder #1, but it missing on all cylinders at random intervals. Check for vacuum leaks. It can be plug wires arcing across each other. Can be intake manifold gasket leak.

What does ford error code p305 mean?

Cylinder 5 is missing

How do you fix a miss fire on cylinder 5?

Each cylinder needs fuel, compression and spark. You are missing one of those.

How do you diagnose spark plug coil on 1996 Camry?

Swap the suspected coil with another cylinder that is firing correctly. If the original cylinder that was missing now runs fine and the other cylinder is now missing, you have determined the suspected coil is bad. Replace it with a new one.

Can a 4-cylinder car run on 2 cylinders?

See this post: It looks like you may have to fool some computers, depending on how old your car is. For example, the computer might falsely sense a misfire and add more fuel to those cylinders, or increase fuel to the others to compensate. I've been trying to think of how to do this myself to make my own hybrid. If so, though, you might be able to tie the sensors from the working cylinders to the computer inputs of the missing ones. That way (and you may have to buffer it off depending on the electronics) they get the same signals so it thinks all is well in the missing gaps. I feel like you'd have an easier time with a carbureted engine. Joel

You have put another engine in a rover 214 and you can't get a spark why is this?

Engine to body earth missing, distributor, rotor arm missing, ignition module not connected,

What noise would Jeremy clarkson make if he exploded?

Like a V-6 engine, missing on two cylinders. kapm

What is consequences of missing?

You'll have to be more specific in your question as to what has, will, or might be missed. For example, the consequences between missing a payment and missing a period are vastly different.

What are symptoms of coolant leaking into the cylinder?

Overheating. Loosing coolant with no apparent leak. White smoke with a sweet smell from the exhaust. Coolant in the oil. A foamy substance on the underside of the oil cap. Air bubbles escaping from the radiator. Engine missing on one or more cylinders. Loss of power.

Missing part of the tongue?

....... be more specific. ;like do u mean. "so u haver a missing part of the tongue?" or "what to do if u have a missing part of a tongue"

92 Chevy breatta gtz 2.3l quad 4 missing like its running on 3 cylinders?

Maybe it is. Replace the spark plugs and plug wires. If it is still missing, run a compression test.

What can you do when you have a misfire in one of your engines cylinders?

You need compression, spark and fuel. The misfire cylinder is missing one of those. Do a compression test to see if the valves and rings are okay, all cyinders should be within 10% of each other. Pull the spark plug out of the suspected cylinder, if the plug is wet it probably does not have spark. If the plug is dry it probably is not getting fuel (port injected engine).