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No, students are able to find specific credit cards with lower interest rates. These credit cards will also offer incentives related to you, such as: textbook protection, cash back of school purchases.

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Are the interest rates the same for student credit cards as they are for standard credit cards?

Student credit cards may eventually have the same rates as regular cards, but they often start with a 0% interest rate to get students started. They are designed to get students using credit cards for the first time in their life, so they offer excellent beginner rates.

What are some bad student credit card offers to avoid?

For the most part, student credit cards are fairly useful for college students, but some of them should be avoided. Travel cards are fairly useful for students, so a student should seek out low interest cards.

What is the average interest rate of student credit cards?

Discover and Citi both offer credit cards for students. They both also come with 0% interest as well as no annual fee.

Which banks offer the cheapest student credit cards?

Many banks offer student credit cards. The interest rates and fees of the credit cards generally vary based on the student's credit score. Discover It offers a reasonable credit card for students. Additionally, State Farm also has a reasonable credit card for students.

Can I get a credit card as a college student?

College students can apply for credit cards. There are credit cards specifically made for students with lower interest rates to help you get started on building your credit. Ask your college for any recommendations because credit card companies often approach colleges to promote their cards.

What are the best credit cards for students?

The best credit cards for students are those that have been specifically designed for them. Credit cards may help students build their credit and learn responsibility. Some credit card companies, such as Discover and Capital One, have developed "student credit cards."

Is the average number of credit cards a college student has?

No I am sure that college students do not have the average number of credit cards.

Does CapitalOne offer student credit cards?

Yes, CapitalOne does indeed offer student credit cards. They offer very low interest rates.

What are some good credit cards for a student to have?

A credit card is something that every student over 18 needs because it helps them build up their credit rating by the time they graduate from college or university. Some of the good credit cards that offer credit cards for students are: Discover It for Students, Journey Student Rewards from Capital One, Citi Forward Card for college students, and Citi Dividend card for college students.

Where can one obtain college student credit cards?

Many major banks offer student credit cards. Some of the top student credit cards are the Discover It Student Card offered by Discover, Journey Student Rewards from Capital One, Citi Forward Card for College Students, and the Citi Divident Card for College Students. One can apply for these cards through a secure on-line application.

What companies are best for students looking to sign up for a credit card?

Featuring the best student credit cards and student credit card deals including Visa, MasterCard and Discover Cards. Find card application resources from leading companies, including the following student credit card offers located across our website for students in college and first time credit cards for high school student.

What does kreditkarten student mean?

Kreditkarten student is a financial term used to describe credit cards for students. It offers rewards programs to help students manage their credit and finances.

Is there a list of companies that provide credit cards for students?

The major credit card companies all offer student cards with introductory 0% or low interest. These allow the student to establish a credit history. However, if you are not sure whether your child will use the card responsibly, you should start with a prepaid card that limits spending.

What are interest free credit cards?

Interest free credit cards are some sort of deal credit cards make to get you to use their credit cards. Interest is cash that builds up on your debt. These interest free credit cards eliminates that for a few months.

Credit Cards No Credit History Required for Students ?

Many students have not yet had the opportunity to build a positive credit history. Fortunately, there are lenders that offer credit cards no credit history required. Student credit cards are specially designed for young students with limited credit. Providers that offer these cards will accept applicants that may be considered a high risk by other lenders. However, applicants with a limited income must provide a cosigner unless the are over 21 years of age. Even with a cosigner, students may be looking at fairly high interest rates. The upside is that these cards give students the perfect opportunity to begin working towards a good credit score.

How do the features of the Citi student credit card compare to other cards for students?

The Citi student credit card requires better credit to be approved, and you have to have a special card to receive cash back for purchases. It is not automatic and there are not many choices for student cards available.

What banks offer credit cards for college students?

Wells Fargo offers the best low-interest credit cards. They are great for those just starting out.

What are the benefits of a student credit card?

Some of the benefits of a student credit card are that they allow you the opportunity to establish a credit rating. Many student cards also offer rebate rewards which are also beneficial for students.

Who can provide the details regarding international credit card for students?

There are many good options of Credit Cards available for students, it’s daunting for student to solve the credit card equation. To get a complete guide regarding the credit cards please visit the best international credit card for students service provider.

What type of credit card is best for college students?

According to Dave Ramsey, no credit card is best for college students. The credit cards that are targeted for college students often have high interest rates and unknown fees.

What do the website 'Money' claim the best student credit card to be?

Student credit cards are a great way for young adults to build up a credit history. Some of the better cards for students are: Discover It Student, Capital One Journey Student Rewards, Citi Forward and Citi Dividend.

What are some popular credit cards available to college students?

Some popular credit cards for students are the Citibank credit card and the Discovery credit card. These two credit cards are designed for students and offer credit back incentives.

Which lenders will supply students with credit cards in the UK?

Getting a credit card if you are a student can be a sticky situation. Credit card companies prey on new members by giving them high interest rates. If you need one anyway, your bank might be able to help.

Do you have any tips on student credit cards?

There are a number of articles and information on student credit cards. There is a very good article on USA Today in regards to tips for college students using credit cards. One thing to keep in mind is not to overspend, and to make sure you make your payments on time

Which bank offer College student Credit card?

There are many banks which offer credit cards for college students. Citibank, Capital One, Royal Bank, and Scotia Bank all offer student credit cards which one may find suitable.

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