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It is quite rare that you will see forwards wearing numbers 1-8 or defenseman who wear numbers 9-28.

Goalies traditionally wear the number 1 or numbers in the 30's, but there are exceptions, as it is not a written rule.

In minor hockey and junior hockey teams players are restricted to only a few jersey numbers, usually 1-31.

Most defensemen are restricted to numbers 2-8, while the forwards can choose from number 9-29.

The numbers 1, 30, and 31 are usually reserved for goaltenders.

It's not related to their positions as it is in football. Players can wear any number from 1-98 nowadays.

2011-04-09 06:07:52
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What are the players called in hockey?

The positions of hockey players are: center, left wing, right wing, right defense, left defense, and goalie.

Does hockey have eleven hockey players?

In field hockey, there are eleven different positions numbering to 22 people on the field at once. In ice hockey, there are four (6 if you want to be specific) positions numbering to 12 people on the ice at once.

What are the players positions in hockey?

goalie, left wing, right wing, center and defence

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Ice hockey players positions?

goalie, center, defense, right wing, left wing

How many positions in field hockey?

There must be 11 (eleven) players for each team on the field (including goalie).

What do they use integers in hockey?

Hockey players have integers allocated to them - these are the numbers emblazoned on their outfits.Goals scored by each side are counted using integers.

What are the positions in floor hockey?

There are six people on each team in floor hockey. The three positions in floor hockey are forward, defense, and goalies.

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There are about 351 NHL hockey players in the States

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Who are the two famous players in field hockey and who are the two popular hockey players?

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How many positions are there in hockey and what are they?

There are 3 positions - Forwards, defense and goaltender.

How many positons are in hockey?

There are four positions in hockey. Center, Winger, Defenseman, and Goaltender. There are six players on the ice per shift though. The goalie remains on the ice if pulled, injured or replaced by the backup goalie.

Why do hockey players dip?

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How many American hockey players in the National Hockey League?

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How many players can a hockey team have on its roster?

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How many players are in hockey team?

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