Are the men dancers in Lady Gaga's love game video gay?

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I think you answered your own question there.
They're male dancers.
In a Lady GaGa video.
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Who are the dancers in the video 'Single Ladies' by Beyonce?

I don't know either but, I'd also like to. Ashley Everett - Female Dance Captain of the I Am... Tour and also in the videos for Sweet Dreams and Ego. the darker dancer is her choreographer, Jaquel King. hope this helps :)

Is chace crawford in Lady Gaga's pokerface music video?

yes he is. ................................................................................................................. Yes that is Chase Crawford... I thought it looked like him but everyone says that wasn't him but now I have proof. In an interview with him they gave a little biography abou ( Full Answer )

What is Lady Gaga's Dancers Names? i know that 2 of her dancers 4 bad romance are molly and Amanda i think the guy who looks a bit like Shayne Ward is called Mike I think.. this is all i know. sorry. .

What are the lyrics to Lady Gaga's Love Game?

Let's have some fun, this beat is sickI wanna take a ride on your disco stickLet's have some fun, this beat is sickI wanna take a ride on your disco stick. I wanna kiss youBut if I do then I might miss you, babeIt's complicated and stupidGot my ass squeezed by sexy cupidGuess he wants to play, want ( Full Answer )

Do gay men fall in love?

Most do. Gay men feel the same way about other guys as straightmen feel about women. Generally there is an emotional attraction aswell as a purely sexual one.

What do ladies love about men?

Most ladies, like men who have a hairy chest first of all. There is nothing sexier to a real women than a man with a hairy chest.

Why are links to Lady Gaga's video telephone blocked?

hi... i am 12 years old and i love lady gaga... she is my fave singer ever. they took the vid off youtube because of the bad words and the bit on nudity ( there was only about 20 seconds of it! not a lot! ) i think that if you found the video ... like in a bad way... don't watch it and stop complani ( Full Answer )

Are there hidden messages in lady gaga's music videos?

Yes there are Bad Romance: She wants revenge and that things can cause a chain reaction. Telephone: It's a continuation of Paparazzi. Paparazzi: She dosent take Sh*t from anyone. And so on and so forth.

Is Lady GaGa's sister in the music video for Telephone?

Yeah, she actually is! 2:16 in the video she's standing next to Gaga, and around 2:46 is a picture of just her. You can see the video here and check it out! :) Hope I helped!

Lady Gaga's telephone music video?

um, what about it? look it up on youtube if you wanted to know if she made one...otherwise, what kinda question is that?

How is Lady Gaga's song Love Game inappropriate tell me exactly?

It's not completely inappropriate, but there are some raunchy quotes in the song. Here are some example's: "I wanna take a ride on your Disco Stick" -Basically meaning, I want to "have intercourse" with you. "Let's play a Love Game" -This means "Let's have intercourse." There are also other quote ( Full Answer )

What is Lady Gaga's best video?

i think lady gags best video is just dance, poker face, and eh eh (nothing else i can say) because they are not bad like the other lady gaga music not really lady gagas best video is bad romance because she won lots of prices for that video.

Is there a gay video game for gay males?

Yes there are, multiple are available online. You should check out "The Journey to Kelabra" game: check out the link provided It's a game made by gays and for gays. ^^

What is lady gaga's new video alejandro about it makes no sense?

Alejandro is about Gaga choosing between the Evils of the World and the spirtual salvation of the soul, represented by her choosing to be a nun instead of giving into her sexual pleasures. It is also about homosexuality how homosexuals are treated badly by the Christian religion and how they deal wi ( Full Answer )

Who plays Alejandro in Lady Gaga's video Alejandro?

no one alejandro is a song to say good bye to all her past relationships such as old boyfriends/girlfriends that she had and to tell then that shes over them and to stop call, so alejandro is no one person in the video.

Why do men love Ladies mostly?

I think this cold be the reason and I wish all of you help me Younger guys are filled with energy and they can match the energy from women. This has been rumored to be the case and the best way to find out is to explore the characteristics of the older sophisticated woman. They are very mature and r ( Full Answer )

What is lady gaga's wierdest video?

Most people say her Telephone video, but I understand it 'cause I looked it up. Hmm... other extremely weird videos of hers are her Bad Romance video and Born This Way. Judas is coming out soon, so I would expect that it will be weird too.

Who is Judas from Lady Gaga's music video?

Judas is played by Norman Reedus in Lady Gaga's video Judas. Judas is a man from the Holy Bible, who was one of the Twelve Disciples of Christ, before betraying Jesus.

What is the meaning of Lady Gaga's video Judas?

The theme of the video is a portrayal of modern-day Jerusalem . Lady Gaga plays Mary Magdalene , leading into the town where Jesus is. Beginning with the motorcycle scene, she is happy riding with the Jesus- the man with the crucifix crown (representing good/heaven.)Then Judas( the m ( Full Answer )

Is lady gaga's paparazzi video true?

No, she did not go to jail for killing her bf. The video is about her ex bf. Who didnt believe she could make it and who stole from her.

Do ladies love bald men?

some do and it becomes more accepted every day since it's stylishnow for younger men to shave it