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If the Buick 305 is really a Chevy 305, then the motor mounts will interchange with a Chevy 350.

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Q: Are the motor mounts for a Buick 305 the same as a Chevy 350?
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Chevy 267 and Chevy 350 do they have the same motor mounts?

yes the 4.3L vortech has the same motor mounts as the 350

Are the motor mounts the same on a 307 and 305 chevy?


Are the motor mounts on a gmc 1976 350 motor the same as a Chevy 350?


Are the motor mounts the same on a 5.3 as a 350 Chevy?

NO, They are made different.

Are the motor mounts the same on a Chevy 2.8 liter as a Chevy 5.0 liter engine?

No. They are different

Will the motor mounts on 454 Chevy be the same as 350 chev?

No thay are not even close.

Are the motor mounts the same for a big block and small block Chevy in 1970?

NO. Not even close.

What has to be done to put a Chevy 350 in a 65 skylark the skylark has a th 350 trans.right now it has a 350 Buick motordo the motor mounts and distributorpowersteeringand alternator setup change.?

Chevy 350 is just what we call that motor because Chevy is the most popular of the gm lines, but really its a GM 350. Having said that, a Buick, Pontiac, Chevy, or Oldsmobile motor are the same motor for the most part. There are som exceptions with the Cadillac motors but that's an other story. should be smoothe sailing for you.

Are the motor mounts the same for 1979 and 2009 Chevrolet trucks?

No not even close. Chevy redesigned them in late 1999.

Will a 91 Chevy Cavalier engine fit in a 94 Chevy Cavalier?

if it is the same motor yes, but some may have different mounts or wiring plugs

Where can you get engine mounts for your 68 firebird as you want to fit a big block chev?

small block and big block motor mounts are the same, so you should be able to take V8 motor mounts from most any Chevy engine bay.

What motor mounts do you use for a 340 in a 1972 challenger?

318, 340, 360 all take the same motor mounts.