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YES, they are allowed to by law and usually the contract you sign gives that in writing.

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Q: Are the repo agents allowed to come onto private property to obtain the vehicle?
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Is it true repo agents must verify VIN before taking the vehicle?

Yes, it is true that repossession agents must verify VINs before taking a vehicle. They have to be certain that they have the correct vehicle.

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Can a repo man recover a vehicle that is parked at a private organization where a sign is posted 'private property'?

YES, because repossession is NOT trespassing. Read your contract. You most likely gave the lender authority to repo the car at any time or place. You cant just drive a car without paying for it. Doesnt matter what the jailhouse lawyers tell you, you're not the first person to be repoed and wont be the last. The laws and lenders helping to write them have been around a lot longer than me or you. IF you had posted your state, I would have given you a link to that law so you could read it for yourself. Like Roosta said, in most cases yes they can Unless it is parked on US Government Defense Dept. property in which case not even repo agents would be given access to the site without a valid clearance and badge. how could someone possibly give a lender permission to go on someone elses private property. I could see if the private property is that of the debtor..but what if its a the debtors place of employment which is private property? = "Private Property" signs do not stop anyone from entering a parking lot. Now if they added "No Trespassing", it might make a little difference, but doesn't the pizza delivery man still get in? If you have a legal purpose for entering private property, it is not trespassing if you do not damage any property. If you have to cut a lock to get into the lot, that's damage. If there is a guard who says you can't come in, it's a breach of peace to drive through anyway. And as for DOD property, it is usually fenced, but if the car is parked in a military housing area that can be entered without going through base security checkpoints, the repo man can (and will) get it. I remember one time when an amourous couple thought "US GOV'T PROPERTY" meant "PUBLIC PROPERTY" and their spouses would never find them parked at a deadend in a small Navy housing complex. Seems the SP's didn't think clandestine sex was a "legal purpose." I'm going to have to disagree with you on this one Tank. How is private property of an organization different than private property of a business or individual? Your driveway is private property and so is the mall parking lot. But the repo man can take your vehicle from either of these places. The mall may even have a sign that says Private Property. Let's just agree that if the repo man can get to the vehicle without a fight and without damaging any property, the car will be gone when you come back! Even trespassing is usually a CIVIL matter if there is no damage or criminal intent.

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Do Pennsylvania repossession agents have to notify you that they have your vehicle?

Those who have had a vehicle must be notified, typically within 24 hours, but that may be done by the repossesion company, the actual agents, or the original lender. All are acceptable.

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Can my car be repossessed while its parked in my yard in Virginia?

Yes, repossessions can (and often do) occur on private property. There are limitations imposed on the recovery agents, and they know how to plan accordingly. IMO, better that car (which is actually the lien holder's, which is why it can be repossessed in the first place) be repossessed while you're at home than while you're out in public somewhere and left stranded.

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Can a tow truck driver hit the car he is repossessing and cause damage?

Yes, he can cause damage, but then he has to pay for it. In the majority of cases if the vehicle property is damaged the lender is responsible. not the repo agent. Repossessing agents in the majority of states are required to have a "hold harmless" agreement signed by the lender/lien holder. This releases the repo. agent from being responsible for any damages incurred to the vehicle or other property.

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