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Redwoods are one of the Sequoiaidea family.

The Sequoia dendrogiganteum, Giant Sequioa is shorter and fatter, and inhabits the Sierra Nevada. They can grow up to 270 feet high, and 20-25 feet in diameter. They live to 3,000 years or more.

The Coastal redwood, Sequoia sempervirens, is taller and skinnier. The Redwood may grow to 370 feet high, and 10-25 feet in diameter. They grow on the Northern coasts of California and may reach 2000 years of age.

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Q: Are the sequoias and redwood trees the same?
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What state has giant sequoias and redwood trees?

in california

What is a giant tree?

Sequoias and Redwood trees are examples of large trees. Fun fact: sequoia has every vowel.

What is the difference between the sequoias and the coast redwoods?

These trees are very similar with the redwood being a bit taller in and slimmer in general. Redwoods often grow to 300-350 feet, while Sequoias seldom exceed 270 feet.

Are ther native Redwood trees in new york?

No, but as stated in Muir Woods National Park (Marin County,CA), there used to be redwoods and sequoias on the east coast but they were cut down centuries ago. There are some sequoias and redwoods in people's yards that grow to 30-70 feet.

Does Australia have redwood trees?

No Australia does not have redwood trees. Only California in the United States has redwood trees.

Where do the redwood trees grow?

Redwood trees are found in California.

Are there sequoias in California?

There are sequoias in the Sierra Nevada in Central California and on the coast from about Santa Cruz north. The Sierra mountains house the Giant Sequoias (biggest trees by volume); the coast the Coastal redwoods (tallest trees).

Are sequoia trees and redwood trees the same thing?

Redwood trees, Sequoia sempervirens, are in the genus Sequoia and are sometimes referred to as Sequoia trees in addition to Redwood. There are also Giant Sequoia which belong are in the genus Sequoiadendron.

Redwood trees have flowers or fruit?

Redwood trees have flowers.

What was the biggest tree cut down?

There are unconfirmed reports of 400-foot tall Coast Redwood trees being cut down around the turn of the century. In turns of sheer mass, Giant Sequoias in the Sierra Nevada are the biggest trees ever destroyed by man.

What are Redwood trees?

redwood trees are trees that are supah huge your welcome

What do redwood trees symbolize?

Redwood trees symbolize silent patience, to me.

Redwood trees adaptations in the Temperate forest?

redwood trees adaptations

What are the rocks and minerals that formed The Redwood Forest?

Rocks and minerals do not form The Redwood Forest. Trees form the redwood forest, specifically, redwood trees.

How big are redwood trees exactly?

Redwood trees are the largest trees in the world, their sizes range from normal sized trees to between 250-300ft. The largest Redwood tree is situated in South Grove.

How were redwood trees moved to California?

The redwood trees are native to California so did not have to be moved there.

Where do you find redwood trees?

Redwood trees grow very large in California and are popular there.

Where is redwood found?

Redwood trees can be found at Redwood National Park in California.

What is Redwood national Park known for?

Redwood Trees

How tall does a giant sequoia grow?

The Giant Sequoia is known as the widest, but not the tallest, of all trees. That distinction belongs to the California Redwood, which is a related tree. Sequoias can grow well over 200 feet tall, with the tallest approaching 280 feet.

Why is redwood city ca called redwood city?

Because there are a lot of redwood trees

Do redwood trees have cells?

Yes, redwood trees have cells. A redwood tree is a living thing, and all living things are composed of one or more cells.

What are fir pine and redwood trees?

fir pine and redwood trees are both members of the conifer family,evergreens.

Which Sequoia Trees get bigger males or females?

There are no "female" or "male" individual sequoia trees. Sequoias are monoecious.

Does the redwood forest have acorns?

Only oak trees produce acorns. If a redwood forest has any oaks, they would have acorns, but redwood trees are conifers and produce cones, not acorns.