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There is Halley's comet, and a meteorite crater called Hoba Iron Meteorite. Does that help?

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No, they are not. They come from regions of asteroids that exist within our own solar system. Long period comets, the ones that appear once in thousands of years, probably come from the Oort Cloud, a spherical cloud of small icy asteroids believed to exist at the farthest outer reaches of the solar system. Short period comets like Halley's probably come from the Kuiper Belt, a ring of asteroids just beyone Neptune's orbit. The minor planet Pluto is the most famous Kuiper object. Not all objects in the Oort Cloud and Kuiper Belt are comets; in fact most are not.

the 2 famous comets are halebopps comet and halleys comet

Yes. Many comets are in solar orbit, such as the famous Halley's or Shoemaker-Levy 9 comets.

An asteroid is a small body of frozen gasses rock and debris left over the from the creation of the Solar System. There are 100s of thousands of asteroids. Some are large enough to be seen from Earth with telescopes. A comet is a frozen ball of gas and debris that orbits close to the Sun. They can take a long time to orbit the sun. Halley's Comet, the most famous takes just over 75 years to orbit the sun. Meteoroids are small bits of dust and dirt in space, some of which come from comets. When they enter the Earth's atmosphere, they burn up and they are seen as meteors flying through the night sky. If they survive and land on the surface, they are meteorites..

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the 2 famous comets are halebopps comet and halleys comet.

Lexell's Comet and Halley's Comet are two famous comets. Lexell's Comet was discovered in 1770, while Halley's Comet was discovered in prehistoric times.

Asteroids and Comets are the leftovers from the formation of our Solar System. When we think of the Solar System, we tend to think of the Sun, its eight planets, and their moons. But there is much more going on here than meets the eye. The empty spaces of our solar system are littered with small objects known as asteroids and comets. These objects can be thought of as the leftovers of the Solar System. There are chunks of rock, ice, or both that are believed to have formed from the primordial matter that originally created the Solar System. Comets have been known since ancient times. This is because they tend to announce their arrival in grand style. As the Sun heats their cores, their long, glowing tails can be seen for weeks as the circle the Sun. These objects were once thought to be omens of disaster. Several comets return like clockwork on a cycle that brings them back every few years. Comet Halley, perhaps the most famous, returns every 76 years. Unlike comets, asteroids tend to come and go unnoticed. They are usually only seen when they enter the Earth's atmosphere. A few of the asteroids in our solar system are large enough to be observed from Earth. The first to be observed was Ceres. It was discovered by a Sicilian monk named Giuseppe Piazzi in 1801. Since that time, thousands of these objects have been discovered. Hope this helps. Good luck!

There have been 4,000 comets that have been discovered in the solar system as of 2010. The most famous comets that have names is Hale-Bopp, Swift-Tuttle, Hyakutake, Halley and Shoemaker -Levy 9.

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Comet HALE-BOPPComet SWIFT-TUTTLE (1992)Comet HYAKUTAKEComet HALLEYMost comets are "famous" because they provide viewable tails, and because they reappear on a regular schedule, or after a period of years.

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Halleys, Hale-Bopp, Hyakutake, McNaught and Shoemaker-Levy

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