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Yes, there are. Wooden instruments include the Recorder, Violin, Viola, Cello, Bass and Piano. Metal instruments are ones like the Trumpet, Trombone, and Tuba.

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Are there instruments made of wood or metal?

Yes most musical instruments are either made of wood or metal or both. For example a piano is made of wood and has metal strings and other metal parts Some instruments are made entirely of metal eg trumpet

Are there instruments made from wood or metal?

Yes there are. In fact, most are. There are very few instruments that are primarily made of other materials. Guitars and violins are made of wood and some drums are made of metal. If you want to speak of irony and confusion, there are "brass instruments" that are made of wood, and "woodwind instruments" made of brass.

What are stringed instruments made out of?

Wood. The strings can be made out of metal or gut.

What is each instruments made of?

There are many hundreds of instruments, the materials from which they are made varies. Wood, metal and plastics are the main ones.

What woodwind instruments are rarely made of metal?

clarinets and bass clarinets are made of wood or plastic with just a bit of metal on the keys

What are medieval instruments made from?

they are usually made from either wood carved by hand or made from any hard material they could find e.g: metal, wood...

Compare the musical instrument of philippine and thailand?

Philippine instruments are made up of metal and wood as thailands were only wood.

What is a kalimba?

A Kalimba is a percution instrument that is made of wood and metal and is not a tuned instrument. You can get tuned instruments at kalimbamagic.com

What type of instruments are made of wood?

Many types of instruments are made of wood. Drums, string instruments, pianos, the list goes on and on.

What are the near relations to the main woodwind instruments?

Traditionally woodwind instruments were all made out of wood obviously! Oboes, clarinets, bassoons and cor anglais' are all still made out of wood but other instruments in the 'woodwind' family (flutes, saxophones, piccolos) are now made out of metal so are considered near relations to the 'main' woodwind instruments.

What is a sitar made of wood or maetel?

It is usually made from wood with a bridge made from metal. It is usually made from wood with a bridge made from metal.

What metal is made of wood's metal?

Wood is wood. It is not metal, it is a living thing.

Do brass instruments have wood mouthpiece?

Instruments with wood mouthpieces, or mouthpieces containing wooden reeds, are called woodwinds, regardless of the material used to make them - and many are made of brass. "Brass" instruments - trumpets, tubas and other horns - have metal mouthpieces without reeds.

Is a catapult made of wood or metal?

Catapults are made from wood!

What is wood to metal fitting?

A wood to metal fissting is a joint designed to join together a structual component made out of wood to a structural component made out of a metal.

Is the tuba made of metal or wood?

It is made of Brass. Metal

Was the Titanic made of metal or wood?

She was made of metal... lots and lots of metal.

What woodwind instruments are not made out of wood but still are concidered part of the woodwind family?

Flute, saxophone mainly - and some clarinets are made of metal or plastic sometimes.

What are drum kits made from?

wood and metal.. Cymbals and the mounts are metal, but the actual drums are made out of wood.

What are desks made of?

wood and metal and stuff. metal it's made from metal you idiot

What materials are used to make a piano?

Piano strings are made of steel wire and the hammers and dampers are made of wood and felt. Piano tuning pins are made of metal. The frame can be made of wood or metal and the bridge can be made of wood or metal.

What is the piccolo made of?

it is made of wood and metal

What are African instruments made of?

African instruments are made of various materials. Traditional African instruments are made of materials such as animal hides, gourds. sinew, and wood.

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