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No. There is a single Coast Guard JROTC programme, but no collegiate level ROTC programmes. You can receive a commission in the Coast Guard through Navy ROTC, the United States Coast Guard Academy, or you can apply for a direct commission to the Coast Guard from the United States Merchant Marine Academy.

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Q: Are there Coast Guard ROTC programs?
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How does the Coast Guard use social marketing?

The Coast Guard applies social marketing with its various boating/water safety programs that are designed to reduce death and injuries.

What are the branches of military available in junior ROTC?

It mainly depends on the schools around you and your location. There is the army, air force, coast guard, marine, and the navy.

Is a coast guard a veteran?

If you served in the Coast Guard, then yeah you are a veteran. The Coast Guard is a branch of the military, so people in the Coast Guard are soldiers.

How did US Coast Guard get its name?

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What is your ROTC time commitment after college?

Depends. If you attend one of the US Military Academies (West Point, Air Force Academy, Naval Academy, or Coast Guard Academy) or you go to school on an ROTC scholarship, you have an obligation to actively serve for five years. If you took ROTC but ROTC had nothing to do with funding your school, there is no obligation to go into the military.

What is the motto of Pakistan Coast Guard?

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The coast guard number?

In the UK, if you need the Coast Guard in an emergency, dial 999 and ask the operator for the Coast Guard.

Can you join army rotc if you are in a National Guard unit?


Does the University of Tampa have a ROTC program?

Yes, the University of Tampa has Army, AF, and Navy ROTC programs.

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Which military agency does not have to adhere to the posse comitatis act?

Coast Guard