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Yes, they have 5 branches

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Q: Are there HSBC Bank locations on the British Channel Island of Guernsey?
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Is Guernsey a country?

Guernsey is a British Crown Dependency and is a small island with a population of about 65,000 situated in the English Channel between England and France.

What is the second largest Channel Island?


Which is the biggest channel island?

Guernsey with 50 square miles

Guernsey Jersey and Sark are the three major islands in this group of british islands?

The Channel Islands By the way, sark isn't major as it is a lot smaller than Jersey and Guernsey and has no cars and you also missed out the island Herm, which is also very small and Alderney which is the 3rd largest channel island.

Island setting for goudge's Green Dolphin Street?

It is set in the Channel Island of Guernsey

Largest channel island?

Guernsey containing 50 square miles

Where are the island of Guernsey and the isle of Jersey?

the channel islands are located in the gulf of st. malo, in the english channel

Where is Herm Island located?

It is northwest of the island of Sark and east of the island of Guernsey, which are in the Channel Islands in the English Channel, just off the north coast of France.

Wich is the biggest channel island?

Guernsey is the largest, 50 square miles

Witch is the biggest channel island?

Guernsey containing 50 square miles

What island group contains the islands of Jersey Guernsey Sark and Harm?

The Channel Islands

Where was sir isaac brock born?

St. peter port on the channel island of Guernsey

What breed of dairy cow was first raised on the island of guernsey in the English channel?

The Guernsey's.

When was British Channel Island Ferries created?

British Channel Island Ferries was created in 1984.

When did British Channel Island Ferries end?

British Channel Island Ferries ended in 1994.

What islands did Germany invade from Britain?

The Channel Islands, Jersey and Guernsey. In the Mediterranean the Germans also pounded Malta from the air, but did not invade. The British and Germans had a vicious battle on the Greek island of Crete, which the Germans won, ejecting the British.

When did the Germans invade Guernsey?

Guernsey was one of the channel islands that are possessions of the British Crown, was invaded on 30th June 1940 by a single German reconnaissance pilot to whom the island surrendered. The British government decided that the Channel Islands could not be defended and were of no strategic importance. The German army took possession of the islands between 30th June and 4th July and retained possession until 9th May 1945. The Channel Islands were the only British territories to be held by German forces during the war.

What is group of island from the southernmost part of Britain?

You may be referring to the Channel Islands. Jersey, Guernsey, Alderney and Sark.

Are guernsey and jersey part of the british isles?

Yes they are - along with Alderney and Sark in the same island group.

How many states does Guernsey have?

The Island of Guernsey is divided into 10 Parishes.

Second largest channel island?

Guernsey is the second largest of the Channels Islands, at about 78 square kilometres or 30 square miles.

What is the capital of Guernsey?

The capital of Guernsey is St Peter Port which is on the east side of the island, facing the island of Herm.

What are the continents of the british isles?

The "constituents" of the British Isles are Britain - the island on whichf England, Wales and Scotland are located- and the island of Ireland (and it's islands) . Then there are the multitude of islands off the coast of Scotland - such as the Hebrides, and the Orkney and Shetland islands, The list also included the Isle of Man (in the Irish Sea) and The Channel Islands (Guernsey, Jersey, Aldrney and Sark, and a few other smaller isles) off the coast of France in the English Channel.

When was Isaac Brock born?

Sir Isaac Brock, Canadian hero of the War of 1812, was born on the Channel Island of Guernsey on October 6, 1769.

Where in Britain are herm Jethou Brechou Lihou and the Minquiers?

They are located on the Channel Islands. This is at the bottom of England, between France and England, but closer to France, thse are small island in the channel islands, also in the baliwick of Guernsey.