Are there McDonald's locations in japan?

Yes, there is most definitely a McDonald's in Japan. The McDonald's in Japan doesn't quite have the same menu as us Americans do. Even though McDonald's is all over the world, the McDonald's company has different menus that,"cater themselves to the locals." Now, the menu isn't completely changed, but it is fairly different and only similar or slightly similar to America.

For Example: In Hawaii, some of the menu items are Ramen, Eggs, Portuguese Sausage, Rice Plates, Taro pies, etc.

In Japan, the name of the fast food restaurant isn't called McDonald's. It's called Donald O.

On the Breakfast Menu O in Japan, these are a few items on the list that are slightly different from America's McDonald's, but that are still very similar.

  • Mac Griddle Sausage and Egg Cheese
  • Mac Griddle Bacon and Egg Cheese
  • Mac Griddle Sausage
  • Egg Mac Muffin
  • Sausage Egg Muffin
  • Sausage Muffin
  • Mac Wrap: Bacon, Lettuce, and Egg
  • Mac Wrap: Chicken Caesar
  • Fillet-O-Fish
  • Hot Cakes (pancakes)

Shockingly, there's a Mega Muffin, which consists of two sausage patties, a slice of cheese, egg, some bacon, and ketchup.

Even on the Lunch/Dinner Menu, there are some weird food items I have personally never heard of.

  • Shrimp Filet-O: Some people say it's one of the best burgers ever!
  • Chicken Filet-O
  • Mac Pork
  • Juicy Chicken Akatougarashi
  • Mega Mac
  • Teriyaki Mac Burger
  • Croquette Burger
  • Bacon Potato Pie

The Mega Mac can also be found in Hawaii, and it's generally just two Big Macs. Really, all you do is double the meat.