Are there Mormon nudists?

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There are many LDS who practice various degrees of nudity, whether in their family or more broadly in a public settings who are and remain faithful members with all of the privileges associated with that membership, some are even senior leaders.

"No the doctrines of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints encourages its members to dress modestly and the idea of nudism is completely contrary to that belief.
I have included a link to a summarized version of the dress and grooming standards the Church teaches in the related links"
This seems to be a predominant answer for most. However, it does not really answer it correctly or fully.

The real answer is there are NO doctrines that directly answer it. Nowhere in scripture or in actual teachings of the Prophet, Apostles or other General Authorities do they address nudity in and of itself. All references to nudity only refer to nudity in a lascivious manner; that means for those who act immoral and sinful (adultery, fornication, improper touch, etc.), they condemn such things as pornography (don't confuse this with nudity as pornography is a false notion of nudity with the direct intent of illiciting a sexual response), but they do not anywhere address being nude where the behavior is not sexual. If they did, they would have to condemn large numbers of members of the church in Europe who often go to beaches that are clothing optional and saunas that are nude, often as church activities.

The one citation given is a reference pamphlet from the church that provide some general guidelines. Again many confuse the general and want to make them into hard fast rules. As I remember it Christ condemned the Pharisees and Scribes for making everything into detailed rules that had to be followed.

The pamphlet and many who condemn nudity use the term "modest" in a setting that is often confusing and incorrect. Many today have come to the false notion that "modest" equates to layers of clothing or being covered from head to toe. This is an incorrect definition of modest. The true definition describes one who does not draw undue attention to one's self. Granted that often those who are immodest will frequently wear clothing that is skimpy and designed to draw your attention to specific regions of the body, generally as an attempt to create a sexually charged environment. Someone who is modest does not do that whether they are wearing a swimsuit or fully dressed, or even nude.

The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints officially has no doctrine or statement on nudity (they do strongly condemn bad behavior but not the status of nudity). This question was put to them by a Utah News Channel (Channel 2) and that was the response given. What the church does say is that we should not be commanded in every detail, and that we should study out (think of Moroni 10:3-5) and pray about it for ourselves and seek guidance as the Lord will give us wisdom if we only ask (James 1:5) with real intent not having our minds already made up beforehand.
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Who are the Mormons?

The term "Mormon" is an informal nickname for members of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.

Are nudist beaches common in Spain?

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What is the technical term for a nudist colony?

The proper terms these days are :. Naturist Resort Naturist Club (either one that is located somewhere or that has meetings in different special locations). Naturist Beach Naturist Park (Nudist still is used but the other term is more accepted now.). Some countries even have Naturist Cities. ( Full Answer )

What are Mormons?

"Mormon" is a nickname given to members of The Church of JesusChrist of Latter-day Saints. They are called Mormons because of their beliefs in the Book ofMormon, which is named after one of the prophets in the Book ofMormon. They use both the Book of Mormon and the Bible asscripture. Mormons believe ( Full Answer )

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What is life like in a nudist colony?

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What if Mormon?

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How do you become a nudist?

If you feel no shame about your body and anyone else's body then you are already living the nudist lifestyle. It's not really a lifestyle it's just us being us we've we're born nudists some of us just have to get back to that thus once we get back to that we call ourselves 'nudists'. Personally I do ( Full Answer )

What is Mormonism?

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How do you get into a nudist club?

The best way to get into a nudist club is to call the club. Theclub will set up an appointment and you can go speak to themanagers and meet the members.

What is Mormon?

Mormonism (officially known as the Church of Jesus Christ of LatterDay Saints) is a religion based in Salt Lake City, Utah. It beganin upstate New York in 1830 after Joseph Smith, the first latterday prophet/president of the church, published the Book of Mormon,which he translated from metal plates ( Full Answer )

Who were Mormons?

The term Mormons is a nickname for members that belong to the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints. The church was founded in 1832 in upstate New York and has grown now to a worldwide population of 14 1/2 million members. Their nickname comes from their belief of a book of scripture called ( Full Answer )

Can a nudist be a Christian?

Because the Lord has said that the body is a temple of God, it would to this writer, seem that the body should be treated as such, and should not be put on display to be seen of others. And yes they can become a Christian. You may remember that Adam and Eve as soon as they partook of the fruit saw ( Full Answer )

Are nudists right?

\nIt is not a matter of right or wrong. Nudists have different attitudes toward the human body than non-nudists.

What were the Mormons?

Mormons were and are members of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. (different user answer) If this question is about whether or not Mormons are a branch from another church, like the Lutherans branching off and separating themselves from the Catholics, then the answer is that Mor ( Full Answer )

What if your Parents are nudist?

Awesome! I don't see any big deal with the naked body wether it was you family or friends etc. If you're parents were nudists I'm sure you would have been brought up into believing nudism is the correct way of living, so wouln't have a problem anyway.

Are there Jewish nudists?

Considering the strict rules of decency in the Jewish religion, I would venture an educated guess of: No. There are not Jewish nudists.

Are there nudists in England?

Yes despite the crap weather there are a number of nudist beaches and clubs. Example link below.

I want to be a nudist what do i do?

Stop wearing clothes! At least, that's a start. You obviously can't stop wearing clothes everywhere you go, but you can certainly practice in the comfort of your own home. If you want to go to a nude beach or resort, almost every country in the world has a nudist organization (you can check out the ( Full Answer )

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It is down to the parents when the children are young. The children normally follow what the parents do. As they grow older they may not want to participate any longer. It is important to allow the child to decide not to if that is their wish.

What do you do if your friends are nudists?

That depends. If you have no interest in joining them at all, make that abundantly clear to them, and if they pester you about it, make sure they understand that the pestering isn't welcome. That said, you're in no way forced to join your friends, so there's not really anything to *do*. You just ( Full Answer )

Who are the Mormon?

A "Mormon" is a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints. Chances are, you probably know someone who is a Mormon! For the most part, they look and act like everyone else. They hold jobs, live in regular homes, dress in modern fashions, use modern technology, and participate in their ( Full Answer )

Are there nudists on Skype?

I'm sure there are, but nudity on Skype in any way can get you andeverybody on the call banned.

Do teens become nudists?

Some teens do become nudists. It is typically of their own accord- by nature of being teenagers, it is not something that can easily be brought about by parental influences. Often, a teen will discover that he or she enjoys the feeling of being without clothes, and will begin to strip off whenever ( Full Answer )

Are nudists perverts?

Nudists believe the human body is beautiful and that they have the right to be unclothed. However, nudists must follow common laws about public decency. The majority of nudists do not break laws and are not at all "perverts". But, in any group of people, there may be a few who deviate from the share ( Full Answer )

Why are people nudist?

For many reasons. It is very personal but i have included a link to a site that will be happy to answer any nudism questions you might have.

What is a ''Mormon''?

A Mormon is a person who belongs to the church of Jesus Christ ofLatter day Saints; who believes in Christ, the bible, the HolyGhost, and the Book of Mormon. The word 'Mormon' is an adopted name often made by non-churchmembers due to the church believing in the second book, 'The bookof Mormon' and ( Full Answer )

Is there a special bible for nudists?

If you mean does the Nudist/Naturalist movement have a seminal publication ("bible"), I suppose it would be Health and Efficiency , a periodical.

What can you Mormon do?

Members of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints (the "Mormon" church) can do whatever they want (well, except for things like running faster than a speeding bullet, or flying without mechanical aid). However, there are some guidelines that Church members are encouraged to follow, and some ( Full Answer )

Which US president was a nudist?

There were several, John Quincy Adams, Theodore Roosevelt, and LBJ come to mind. On top of that Benjamin Franklin liked to take "air baths".

Do nudists get sunburned balls?

Just like any other part of the body, sun protection is important on the genitals. Use of appropriate sunscreen is absolutely necessary, especially when first beginning nudism. When "where the sun don't shine" becomes "where the sun has never shined before now", one must remember that a higher SPF m ( Full Answer )

What is a nudist college?

You don't want to know. But if you're persistent, google it instead. IMPROVED ANSWER----- It is a college were it is permitted to go nude (naked)

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In today's modern society rebellion seems to be more than often associated with things such as vandalism, murder and disrespect. But this is all about to change….. One day I was walking my dog down the street when a rebel came out of the bush. And now I know what you're thinking this guy is goi ( Full Answer )

Which nudist camps welcome kids?

There is a nudist camp in Tampa, Florida, which admits kids aged 11 to 18. The camp is run by the American Association for Nude Recreation. There is also a week-long nudist summer program for kids at Camp White Tail in Richmond.

What are some notable nudist camps?

The Vritomartis Hotel in greece overlooking the south cretan sea. The hidden beach resort in Mexico and the Vera Playa camp in Spain, it is one of the most famous camps in Spain

Why do nudists feel the need to make nudist videos?

Nudists feel the need to make nudist videos to sell to variouswebsites such as MGM. A dedicated agent will be happy to help youfind more information on their official top 5 nudist dating list

How can nudist pics be offensive to people?

Nudist pictures may be offensive to people in variety of ways. First, some people have different moral or religious beliefs and find nudity offensive in any form. Secondly, some nudist pictures may be inappropriate in terms of activities portrayed. Lastly, some people may just take pictures claiming ( Full Answer )

What does a family nudist do for a living?

A family of nudists do for a living just about whatever your typical clothed family would do. Many nudists choose to work inside the home allowing them to continue there lifestyle they way they choose. Many nudists choose to have a traditional outside the home job and wear clothes to work like anyon ( Full Answer )

What are some nudist beaches in America?

Nudist beaches in the United States include Baker's Beach and College Cove Beach in California as well as Haulover Beach and Playalinda Beach in Florida.

Is Erin Andrews a nudist?

No, Erin Andrews is not a nudist. Rather, Ms. Andrews practicescasual nudity. There was a man who secretly videotaped her walkingaround her hotel room naked, but she was unaware of it.

How old are nudists?

I'm sorry, but I don't believe that this is the most logical question. Nudists are a group of people who engages in the act of being naked in public. Nudist can be any age, a new nudist can be born today for all we know. It's practically impossible to determine the age of all nudists. So I apologize ( Full Answer )

What if everyone were nudists?

If everyone were nudists, the world may actually be a more relaxedplace in terms of self confidence. People would not be so bodyconscious.

Why nudistfriendfinder is popular among nudists?

LOL! The answer's implicit in the question - though I dare say theproportion of nudists, or naturists as I believe they prefer touse, who would use a dating service is no different from that amongany other section of the population.

Whats it like being a nudist?

You would probably spend most your time trying to justify beingnaked to others when there is no good reason for it