Are there polar bears in Finland?

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The only Polar Bears in Finland are in Ranua Wildlife Park, they are 3 bears as far as I know. The Park is near the city of Rovaniemi in the Artic Circle, contact details are below. polar bears live on the northpole
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What is a polar bear?

A large bear related closely to the brown bear, found in the Arctic regions. Most carnivorous of bears, feeding mainly on seals. The polar bear (Ursus maritimus) is a bear that is native to the Arctic Ocean and its surrounding seas. It is one of the world's largest carnivores found on land, a title ( Full Answer )

Do polar bears fight other polar bears?

Yes, they do. When food is scarce they will fight each other for food that is available. Male polar bears will also fight each other over female polar bears.

What do polar bears do?

well they mainly sleep but they also catch fish. and if they have young cubs/babies they get up in the night and get fish,kill the fish and give it to the baby in the morning. mostly just kill eat and sleep I think because I am not a polar bear expert They sleep, eat, and play. They find a mate to m ( Full Answer )

What will you do with polar bears?

All humans living on this planet right now are in charge of doing their part to protect these magnificent creatures from the threat of extinction. And we can not sit by idly and assume that what happens to these bears doesn't affect us. They are the top predator in the Arctic. If their habitat an ( Full Answer )

Polar bear vs Kodiak bear?

The Polar Bear would have the advantage due to heavier,taller,longer,stronger bite and stronger paw swipe.If you don't agree listen.Polar bear max weight 1760 lb(800 kg)Kodiak Bear max weight 1716 lb(780 kg) Polar Bear 5.1 feet tall Kodiak bear 5 feet tall Polar Bear 12 feet long Kodiak Bear 10 feet ( Full Answer )

Do polar bears eat other polar bears?

Not usually. They do fight with each other but, under the most extreme circumstances, I doubt the instinct for eating each other is present!. Additional Info: Polar Bear, males will fight during the mating season for breeding rights, usually they try to avoid a direct confrontation by using posturi ( Full Answer )

Can a polar bear kill a grizzly bear?

Definitely. A polar bear is much bigger and stronger than a grizzly bear, when it has sharper claws, stronger jaws, and is a better killer. Large male polar bears are larger than male grizzlies. However, since the grizzly is a race of the brown bear, which has specimens as large as polar bears, it's ( Full Answer )

Why do polar bears get called polar bears?

Polar bears live at the polar region (the Arctic) of the world, and are only found there, unlike other bears. This is why they're called "polar bears." The polar bear is called a polar bear because it is a bear, andlives in the area of North pole in the Arctic. So Don't Be Fooled When You Think That ( Full Answer )

Why do polar bears fight other polar bears?

They are naturally aggressive to other male bears when they encounter each other, although polar bears are free ranging and don't establish and mark territory. They will attack and kill the cubs of another male so that they can then mate with the female. They will fight with the female as she tries ( Full Answer )

Why do polar bears kill other polar bears?

They are naturally aggressive to other male bears when they encounter each other, although polar bears are free ranging and don't establish and mark territory. They will attack and kill the cubs of another male so that they can then mate with the female. They will fight with the female as she tries ( Full Answer )

Where do you get polar bears?

Polar bears live in the Arctic, including Canada and Svalbard (a group of islands north of Scandinavia), Denmark, Norway, USSR/Russia, and the US.

Is polar bear the largest bear?

The Polar Bear is the largest species of bear, however, the Kodiak Bear, a sub species of Brown Bears, has been known to grow larger than Polar Bears. They live on the Alaskan coast.

How did a bear become a polar bear?

According to the oldest known fossil records of the Polar Bear, dating back about 130,000 years. It's believed that the Polar Bear "diverged" about 200,000 years ago from their closely related ancestor the Brown Bear. The Brown Bear is still a close relative, and can even be cross bred with a Polar ( Full Answer )

What can polar bears do?

Swim, run, smell things from very far away, survive extremely cold habitats, act as the top predator in their range, hunt and eat, fish, sleep, hibernate, play, forage, dig snow dens, breed, females care for cubs, fight, travel vast distances, absorb heat from the sun in their black skin, use air as ( Full Answer )

Why are you not a polar bear?

Because it would be genetically impossible. My parents are human beings, therefore, I had no choice in the matter. Had my parents been polar bears, then I would have been one. An animal has no choice but to be what their parents are, dogs don't have kittens, and cats don't have puppies. It is nature ( Full Answer )

Do male polar bears eat polar bear cubs?

Yes they are very aggressive and can attack cubs especially if they want to breed with the mother or, rarely, if they are very hungry.

Are polar bears the strongest bear?

Yes, they are also one of the strongest animals. Average weight of polar bear is 700 kg, they can weight up to 1102 kg, they can stand up to amazing 375 centimeters. This is a list of the strongest animals on the planet. This is maybe the most accurate list. I've calculated average weight, maximu ( Full Answer )

How did bears turn to polar bears?

All animals change when they infiltrate new habitat to adapt to life in that location. It is believed, based on fossil record and DNA, that the brown bear, Ursus arctos, became isolated during a period of glaciation in the Pleistocene period and the animals who adapted to that colder harsh environme ( Full Answer )

If you were a polar bear?

If I would suddenly be a polar bear the first thing I would probably do is wonder how I turned into a polar bear. If that costs me too much energy or I don't like thinking about difficult human things with my polar bear brain I would walk somewhere where it's colder in the hope to find other polar b ( Full Answer )

How does a polar bear survive in polar regions?

A polar bears fur appears white, but it is actually clear. It is hollow fibre and traps heat to keep it warm. The white that it appears too protects them from predators (if any) and mainly to keep them hidden from their prey. They have a extra layer of blubber to keep warm and they have improved eye ( Full Answer )

Can a polar bear kill a koala bear?

Polar bears are larger and more powerful than the koala. Face to face the koala would die. . However, given that koalas live in Australia and polar bears are only found in Arctic regions, the two would never meet or be in a position of confrontation. Also, koalas can climb trees which grow verti ( Full Answer )

Which is larger a grizzly bear or a polar bear?

Polar bears are larger than grizzlies of the interior, but the brown bears of the coastal regions are as large or larger. Grizzlies are a race of the brown bear.

How can polar bear live in the polar region?

They have long hairs, black skin that you can't see to attract sunlight, and four inches of blubber under their skin to keep warm. They are so efficient at keeping heat inside them that they are almost invisible in infrared photography.

Will a polar bear eat other polar bears?

Polar Bears are alot like humans: Eat other animals, starts a baby then grows into an adult, and mammals. They also are like us because if it is a cannibal Polar Bear then yes it would, but that would be if it ran out of all other food options. So that's rare, because they eat Seals, Whales, Narwhol ( Full Answer )

Can brown bears become polar bears?

Not unless we have another ice age and then it would likely take hundreds of thousands of years, if not millions. But on the other hand, they already have... . ...Bears, in the taxonomic family of Ursidae, split off from other Carnivorans about 38 million years ago. Then the Ursinae subfamily orig ( Full Answer )

Will a polar bear eat another polar bear and why?

Only if it's a male bear that has happened upon some bear cubs yes. Otherwise, no, polar bears do not eat each other, they'd rather eat seals, whales and walruses than another bear.

How many polar bears in a polar bear family?

there are no different sorts of polar bears, like there are different sorts of cats. There are only the stages of life a polar bear goes through, from cub to adult.

How can you get a polar bear?

You really can't. You don't want a polar bear as a pet, they may look cute, but they are nothing big gigantic killing machines. Also, you would have to live north of the arctic circle.

Are polar bears the most dangerous bears?

Not really. They can be just as dangerous as any other bear. Any bear can be dangerous, but the species with the most human attacks is the American black bear. The Asiatic sloth bear is also considered a very ill tempered species, and is credited with many attacks on humans. The brown or grizzly bea ( Full Answer )

How is a polar bear different from a grizzly bear?

Well, There really isn't much difference. The word 'grizzly' means snow in latin, Polar is a region that is near one of the poles (north and south). They both live in extremely cold conditions and are capable of living off one decent meal every few months (e.g. a seal). They are both white in colour ( Full Answer )

Are polar bears like other bears?

Polar bears share many of the same traits as other bears, in particular their cousins the brown bear, to which they are closely related. Every creature is adapted to its environment, and the polar bear when it split from the brown bear group several thousand years ago, adapted to life in the Arctic, ( Full Answer )

Why are there no polar bears?

There may be no polar bears where you live because it is not cold enough for them to live there. But there ARE polar bears in this world, you just have to head to the far north (i.e., Churchill, Manitoba, Canada) in order to see them in their natural habitat. Or, just go to a zoo that has them.

Do polar bears live alone or with other polar bears?

They live alone, not in pacts. Females take care her children, until she weans them when they're about two and half years old. The mother will then chase them away. Young siblings sometimes travel together for a few weeks or months, sharing food as they learn to hunt. Unrelated females and males onl ( Full Answer )

Do you have polar bears?

Polar bears are animals of Arctic regions. The only polar bears here are in the NC Zoo.

Why are polar bear call polar bear?

Polar Bears live in cold/arctic climates, and because the coldestclimates are near the Earth's poles, they are named Polar Bears.